How Much Does Gamma Knife Surgery Cost?

Gamma Knife® surgery has been globally established as the preferred treatment for brain tumors, malformations, and dysfunctions.  It is referred to as a stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).  It offers a non-invasive substitute for numerous patients who cannot consider traditional brain surgery.

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  • Gamma Knife surgery is a precise and effective procedure that uses radiation to help treat the brain.  By using this method, doctors are able to focus on the radiation directly, targeting the brain without having to worry about affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.  The unique thing about this procedure is that there is no incision or blood, making it less risky compared to the traditional surgeries.
  • This surgery can help with malignant tumors, malignant gliomas, benign tumors, vascular malformations, ocular disorders and function disorders.
  • During the procedure, a radiation oncologist will use 3D computer images to target multiple beams of radiation directly into the tumor.  The surgery delivers 192 precisely focused beans to small targets inside the brain.  The procedure, depending on the severity, will last anywhere from one to four hours.  Depending on the final outcome, more than one procedure will be needed.  Recovery should take about 24 to 48 hours.
  • Before the procedure begins, a local anesthesia will be administered and a stereotactic frame will be attached to the patient’s head.  Once attached, the patient’s head will be imaged using either an MRI or CT scanner.  With these results, the professionals will be able to create a treatment plan developed by specialized software.  This plan will determining the gamma ray dosage and the location of the brain where the treatment will be administered.  The patient will lie on the Gamma Knife unit treatment bed and the process will begin.  Depending on the treatment, if more than one sessions is needed, the patient will be able to rest in between sessions to allow the doctors to make minor adjustments.  After the sugery is done, the patient will be able to go home and will come in for a follow-up appointment in the near future.
  • A patient won’t see or even feel any radiation and the only discomfort a patient may feel is when a local anesthetic is applied prior the procedure.  Patientsconsciousonsicious for this procedure.
  • This procedure will be done on an outpatient basis and no hospital stay will be required.
  • The effects of this procedure won’t be instant; instead, it could take years for it to complete.  Understand this procedure won’t remove the growth, but it will change the cell DNA so it can’t produce anymore.
  • Common side effects include scalp swelling, skin irritation, headaches, nausea, brain swelling, necrosis and hair loss.

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