How Much Do Ganaraskan Dogs Cost?

Ganaraskan dogs, also known as Gannys, are a mix of four breeds: the Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer and English Cocker.  As a result, the texture of the dog’s coat can have many variations; however, all Ganny’s coats share several common traits, such as the coat which is, in fact, hair and not fur.    The fur tends to be curly and exceptionally fine.  Instead of a double coat, Gannys have a single coat that can be prone to things such as knots.  Hence, the dog has to be brushed or groomed at least every other day to maintain its cleanliness and to keep it matte free.

These dogs are quite small and originated from Canada where they were commonly used as a therapy dog.  Being a new breed that was developed in the 1970s, it still hasn’t been recognized by any major kennel club.

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