How Much Does a Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Cost?

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The Glen Island Harbour Club, open year round, is a waterfront facility located in New Rochelle, New York.

First built in 1879 as a summer resort, it was later acquired by Westchester County in 1923.

A recent renovation worth $10 million helped transform the Glen Island Harbour club into what it is today, making it a premier banquet facility in Westchester.

How much does a Glen Island Harbour Club wedding cost?

On average, a Glen Island Harbour Club wedding will cost $100 to $165+ per person, according to couples who posted their quotes online. This price, from what we researched, is good for up to six hours time at the venue. It also includes up to five theme stations, an appetizer, desert and the wedding cake.  These costs, however, could greatly increase if you were to add any premium add-ons that we mention below.

You will also be required to pay a $750 ceremony fee and a service charge that is calculated at 20% of the total costs.  This isn’t included in the “per person” estimate mentioned. Tax is charged at 7.375%, which also increases the costs.

This price is going to greatly depend on the number of people and the time of the year.

Since the venue asks for a 200 person minimum, a 200 person wedding, for instance, could cost upwards of $25,700 to $42,000.

According to one person on the venue’s official page stated they were quoted $105 per person during the offseason.  Another person on the same page said they were quoted $100 per person.

One member on this forum thread stated she paid $130 per person.

Westchester Magazine says the approximate cost per person is anywhere from $90 to $180.

Glen Island Harbour Club wedding overview

The wedding ceremony can either be held on the Patio, an outdoor waterfront patio or the Chapel, an indoor option with large windows overlooking the water.  The Ballroom, available for the reception, seats up to 1,000 guests and has doors that open up to the sea air, allowing guests to stroll out to the water.

A bridal suite, wedding day coordinator and staff to serve you throughout the ceremony is provided as part of the package. The package is also inclusive of valet parking and a premium open bar.

Wedding packages will often include the following:  the chapel, servers, cocktail hour, food during the sit-down dinner, coffee, dessert and liquor bar, but these options can be added or modified depending on the options.

A full event will last no more than five hours.  One hour is designated for the ceremony, one hour allocated to cocktails while the other four hours are allocated for the dinner reception and dancing.

What are the extra costs?

As noted above, service charges and tax will apply.

Extra perks, according to the venue, are available for an additional charge, including valet parking, flowers, specialty cocktails, Viennese dessert hour option and/or coat check opportunities.

Couples are able to charter a boat for a grand entrance for an additional fee.

Tips to know

The venue can accommodate a maximum of 1,000 guests.  The venue asks you have a minimum of at least 200 guests.

The club provides all catering and cocktails on site and all couples are able to customize menus according to their tastes and budget.

If using a florist, you must choose from the venue’s approved vendors list.

How can I save money?

A Glen Island Harbour Club wedding will cost more during peak season as with any venue due to the high demand. Scheduling your wedding for the low season could see you save a few dollars.

Events held in the evenings, during the holidays, and weekends attract a higher price. You can save money by avoiding these days.

Don’t be afraid to haggle.  Let the coordinator know what your budget is going to be and see what they are able to do to meet your financial requirements.

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