How Much Does a Golf Club Fitting Cost?

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A golf club fitting is done to ensure the golf clubs you purchase fit you and your body perfectly, allowing for optimal performance.

Golf clubs purchased as a set off the shelf will work, but these sets will not be as good as those made just for you.

Since every golfer can differ in body size and weight, a custom golf club fitting can result in clubs suitable for your body and personality.

The cost of a golf club fitting will vary depending on the company performing the job and the number of clubs needed.

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How much does a golf club fitting cost?

On average, a club fitting can cost anywhere from $15 to $40+ per club if you already have the clubs.   Most shops, however, will bundle its packages into a full bag fitting, driver fitting, long game drivers, irons only, wedges only or just the putter.

Since most golfers get all of their clubs fitted at once, instead of a few at a time, plan on budgeting $150 to as much as $400.

If you don’t have the clubs and want to purchase from a popular brand, such as Callaway and Ping, then the costs can be anywhere from $500 to more than $2,000.

Many pro shops will often do the fitting for free if you purchase the clubs from them.  If you are in the market for a new set of clubs, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for pro shops that can offer this service for free.

Dick’s Sporting Goods lists its prices on its official website, and according to the price list, an iron set fitting will cost $50 or free if you purchased from them, a putter fitting will cost $20, a driver fitting will cost $30 or a full set will cost $80.

Golf Galaxy, another popular golf retailer that offers fittings, charges nothing to those who purchase clubs from the store.

Golfsmith, yet another retailer that can fit clubs, charges $299 for a full bag, according to our research.

According to a forum thread on, many golfers claimed they paid anywhere from $30 to as much as $85 to have their clubs fitted.

Type of ClubsAverage Price (if you already have the clubs)
Full Bag$100 to $400
Driver, fairways, hybrids only$125 to $250
Drivers$45 to $175
Irons$50 to $225
Fairway wood/hybrid fitting$60 to $110
Putter$35 to $125
Wedge$40 to $75

Golf club fitting overview

To fit your clubs, according to, a fitter will first measure your height, wrist to floor distance, your hand’s length and the longest finger length to determine your starting point for the length, lie angle, shaft and the grip for your clubs.

Next, using your measurements, the fitter will want to analyze your swings to make observations, helping him or her determine the length that will offer the greatest opportunity to hit the ball in the center of the face consistently.  After your swing analysis, the fitter will use a lie board to determine the lie angle to achieve the direction and shot shape you desire.  Lastly, the grip size will be determined by measuring your hand and longest finger, coupled with the other measurements found during the analyzing process.

A pro shop can fit any golf club:  hybrids, wedges, putters, drivers and /or irons.

To complete, it will depend on the number of clubs you need fitted.  A full bag can take up to four hours, while a set of irons can take about two hours.

What are the extra costs?

A club fitting does not always mean your swing is going to improve.  If the pro shop feels you need lessons, they may recommend golf lessons.  Lessons can come in packages and will usually start around $100.  If you want a more advanced session that includes swing videos and trips to the driving range, the price can significantly rise.

Tips to know:

If the pro shop offers a free fitting if you purchase the clubs, it may not always be a deal.  For example, a set of clubs may cost $500, including a fitting at the shop, but if you purchase them from another store it could be $350 for the same set.  Tack on another $50 for the fitting, and you will find that you can still save while paying for the fitting.

How can I save money?

If possible, call a few pro shops over the phone.  Most, if not all, will be able to give you an exact quote.

Franchise golf shops tend to be very expensive with their club fittings.  If you are paying anything over $75, you are paying too much and should consider shopping around.

Talk with the retailer you purchased the clubs from in the first place.  Some often offer existing customers a deal on their professional services.

Packing your fitting with your other golf clubs can often bring the costs down.

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