How Much Does Graffiti Removal Cost?

Graffiti has always been a topic of controversy.

While some people view it as a work of art, other people think of it as an eyesore.

Graffiti has always been part of the societal fabric in larger cities.  Some are even considered street art; however, most of the graffiti we see, especially today, do not reflect any aesthetic value at all.  Rather than a work of art, the graffiti is simply scribbles.

The reason many people are against graffiti is that it is usually done on public buildings or private property and is, therefore, considered to be vandalism.

The removal of graffiti is the responsibility of the government if it is a public building or of the property owner if it is a private building or home.  Either way, this service is going to cost you since it can be labor intensive work.

Graffiti by moonlightbulb, on Flickr
Graffiti” (CC BY 2.0) by  moonlightbulb

How much does graffiti removal cost?

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