How Much Do Grammy Tickets Cost?

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A Grammy, or Grammy Award, is an accolade given by the National-Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States, also known as NARAS, to recognize notable achievement in the music industry.

This annual presentation ceremony, originally known as the Gramophone Award, features performances by high-flying artists and the presentation of the awards, which have a more popular interest.

Grammy shares recognition of the music industry similar to that of the other performance arts such as the Emmy Awards (television), the Academy Awards (motion pictures), and the Tony Awards (stage performance).

In order for one to receive an invitation to the Grammy, however, they need to be nominated for Grammys and/or be a voting member or an associate of the NARAS. Members of this Academy include musicians, producers, recording engineers and other professionals within the recording industry.

Grammy Awards, STAPLES Center by David Jones, on Flickr
Grammy Awards, STAPLES Center” (CC BY 2.0) by David Jones

How much do Grammy tickets cost?

Tickets to the Grammy Awards are not available to the general public and are issued by invitation only. Tickets for this function cannot be sold.  However, if you are a member of the NARAS or part of a record label, a voting member can purchase tickets for about $200 each.  For nominees, tickets are free.

What are the extra costs?

Academy members receive a membership card, and to remain eligible to attend this award ceremony, you will need to continue paying your dues each year. Dues are $100 per year, $180 for 2 years and $260 for 3 years.

Tips to know:

Tickets to the Grammys are not available to the general public. It is by invitation-only to nominees as well as recording artists. Since their sale is not allowed, any tickets that have been purchased are worthless and not honored. Anyone who purchases a ticket to the Grammys isn’t allowed into the theater in case the purchase is discovered.

The Grammys is one of the largest and most-viewed music awards shows worldwide. The Grammy Award is the only peer-presented award presented to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency as well as overall excellence within the recording industry, with no regard to chart position or album sales.

To purchase the tickets, you must be a Grammy voting member or associate. An invite is directly mailed to them with the prices. The NARAS (National-Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) austerely controls the attendance at the ceremony. Tickets are usually limited and they come on a basis of first come, first-served. Grammy nominees who are the Academy members can request two complimentary tickets, while non-member nominees can request 1 complimentary ticket.

How can I save money?

Scour the Web for other means of scoring a ticket in case you are not nominated or are not a member of the academy. Record labels, TV shows and radio stations do hold contests and give away tickets. You could get offered an all-expense paid trip.  While your chances are slim, it doesn’t hurt to try., a ticket search engine, does have a page dedicated to Grammy award tickets.  Consider checking a few weeks before the event to see if any tickets are available on the third-party market. says your best bet to attend is by becoming a seat filler for the show.

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