How Much Does a Grand Island Mansion Wedding Cost?

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The Grand Island Mansion, located in Sacramento, California in the Delta Region of Northern California, is known as a historical Italian Renaissance-style landmark with intricate architecture both inside and out.

In 1917, it was built by Louis Meyers, a native of the city and his wife, Audry, who was the daughter of David Lubin.

Grand Island Mansion wedding cost

In order to reserve your wedding date, notes you will need to place a $2,000 deposit, and the full amount is due two weeks prior to the date.  As for rental fees, the costs will greatly vary from $500 to $5,000, depending on the day/time of the event and the number of guests who are attending.  This rental fee will not include the costs of food and a minimum guest requirement is required depending on the package chosen.

As for meals, the costs, as with any venue, will depend on the type of dishes, setup and food substitutions you make.  Reading reviews online, it seemed as if couples paid anywhere from $25 to $45 a person, with an additional 20% charged for a service charge.  Alcohol and taxes were yet another expense to budget for.

Event Spaces$500 to $6,000, depending on venue
Cake Cutting Service$1.50/person
Bar Set Up$175/event
Plated Entreesstarts at $25/guest
- add $6/guest for salad
- add $6/guest for butler served trays
- add $7/guest for pre-dinner hors d' oeuvres
Grand Island Buffet Package$40/guest
Wedding Cake$3.50/guest
5-hour Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package$8/guest
Champagne Plan$22.50/guest

NOTE:  Price estimates sourced from various online resources and are deemed estimates only.  Contact the venue directly for more infromation.

According to’s Sacramento’s Classic Wedding Venues article, the ceremony site and chair setup fees can range from $450 to $750, while the reception rental fees can range from $500 to $3,000.  As for the deals, Sunday brunch weddings can cost $450 for the ceremony site and another $32.95 per person, which includes champagne and non-alcoholic drinks.

What’s included in the fee?

As per the official website, everything is included for the wedding day, including an exclusive mansion event coordinator, rehearsal time, a variety of meals, overnight accommodations for just the bride and groom, dressing rooms and setup/breakdown of the garden chairs.

All facilities, for both the first and second levels, can be rented for five hours.

Other inclusions include complimentary parking, a full-service staff and fully set tables with china, glassware, linens and silverware.

The venue options

Ballroom – The Ballroom is a choice for those who want to get married during the milder months.  This option offers a fantasy, romantic-like theme, adorned by chandeliers with ceiling medallions and archways, according to

Marquee – This outdoor venue option, surrounded by fountains, trees and professionally landscaped gardens, is suitable for both the ceremony and the reception.

Shaded Gazebo – Also surrounded by professional landscaping and providing a picturesque view, this wrought iron gazebo offers a unique experience for any wedding ceremony.


There is a 500 person maximum, with a 50-person minimum required for most events.

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