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Granite Transformations are countertop-like slabs are designed to fit over your existing counters.  No cuts are needed and no demolishing is required in order to revamp your existing counters.

Using a special adhesive, these slabs made from an eco-friendly mix of granite and recycled glass bottles adhere directly to the countertop surface and can be installed over virtually any hard and durable surface, according to the manufacturer.

Granite Transformations cost per square foot

The cost of Granite Transformations greatly depends on the size of the space being transformed and the type of transformation you desire, but from the research we did from the quotes we did found online, the prices ranged anywhere from $60 to $100+ per square foot installed.  According to the company, when you do receive a quote, you will receive the entire quote up front with not bait-and-switch and/or hidden charges.  Use this as an estimate only as your results can greatly vary, but do look at the prices we found online in our table below.

Prices found online...
$15,000 in Caryville, TN -- about 1/2 of real granite
$6,000 in Lincoln, NE
$1,500 for a 3x5 space
$1,400 for bathroom counter
$5,900 for 40 square feet
$2,400 for 45 square feet

According to one member on this forum thread, for example, he was quoted $3,300 for about 30 square feet, a quote which also included an under mount granite sink and a new Moen faucet.  Another member on this same thread stated she was quoted $5,900 for 40 square feet, a quote which included the backsplash up to the cabinets.

What should be included in the quote?

In the estimates above, it should include the measurements, installation, hauling of material, any modifications if necessary and all material.  As your inclusions may be different, be sure to get everything in writing before paying to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with the price.  All jobs are done by contractors who work with the Granite Transformations company.  To find a location near you to find a contractor and free complimentary in-house design, you can do so by following this search link.

Do keep in mind that the initial in-home design/quote is complimentary, and during this time, a design expert will come to your home with sample swatches of all materials, allowing you to pick and choose which material option works best for your kitchen setup.

All of their products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Tips to know

For most average-sized kitchen projects, the entire job will be complete in less than a day.

According to the company, no demolition is involved as the slab will lay directly on top of your existing counters.

Its revolutionary product is proven to be scratch, heat and even stain-resistant as the diamond-polished surface makes cleaning a breeze.  You can even cut without a cutting board without the fear of leaving marks.  Also, since the product does not use grout lines, owners do not have to worry about dirty grout lines or the chance of bacterial buildup.  Using what’s known as the ForeverSeal®, it is the only manufacturer that uses this polymer resin that infuses into the countertop to help the product last a lifetime.  You can watch this video to see how strong the counters really are.

Aside from counters, the company offers cabinet racing options for a similar price.

All products are made in the United States.

The counters, once installed, require very little maintenance, with the exception of using a mild, all-purpose cleaner when cleaning.  Since the product is nonporous, meaning it will not absorb colors or odors, the maintenance, when in comparison to other materials, is slim.

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