How Much Does the Green Egg Grill Cost?

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The Green Egg Grill, also known as the Big Green Egg, is a high-quality charcoal smoker grill that can be used to sear and smoke a wide range of meat, fish and vegetables.

It is known to be one of the most versatile outdoor cooking products on the market as the ceramic shell holds heat better than almost all the competing products and promotes even cooking.

It is known to be a quality smoker and oven, too.

Based on the ancient cooker known as a “kamado,” the product is everything from an oven to smoker all rolled into one.

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How much does a Big Green Egg cost?

The Green Egg Grill is franchised so the exact price you pay will depend on the individual dealer and the size you’re looking to purchase.  These grills, unlike many grills, can’t be purchased online or from the manufacturer.  They can only be purchased via an authorized dealer, which can be found by using this search tool.

Refer to our table below to see what each size may cost you.  Use this table as a reference point as all prices will vary from dealer to dealer.

SizeDescriptionAverage Price Quoted
MiniThe Mini Egg has a cooking area of 78.5 square inches, a grid diameter of 10 inches and weighs 39 pounds.  This makes it large enough to cook two chicken breasts or a single steak at once.$400
SmallThe Small Egg has a cooking area of 133 square inches, a grid diameter of 13 inches and weighs 77 pounds.  It is suitable for cooking a 12-pound turkey, four burgers or two steaks at once.$550
Mini MaxThis grill is portable and is ideal for tailgating or camping. Equipped with an easy-to-grip carrier, it weighs 90 pounds and measures 19.6 inches high.$600
MediumThe Medium Egg has a cooking area of 177 square inches, a grid diameter of 15 inches and weighs 114 pounds.  It can cook an 18-pound turkey, six burgers or four racks of ribs at once.$675
LargeThe Large Egg has a cooking area of 262 square inches, a grid diameter of 18.25 inches and weighs 162 pounds.  The large size can accommodate a 20-pound turkey, 12 burgers or eight steaks at once.$850
X-Large (XL) EggThe X-Large Egg has a cooking area of 452 square inches, a grid diameter of 24 inches and weighs 218.8 pounds.  The substantial size is enough to cook two 20-pound turkeys, 24 burgers or 11 whole chickens at once.$1,200
XXLThis limited edition grill, as you can see, is the largest of all models. Limited in availability, this grill can roast a pig or cook up to 36 hamburgers at once.$4,000

NOTE:  These prices won’t include the accessories.

According to some forum members on this forum thread on, many stated that they paid anywhere from $150 to as much as $1,500.  It all depended on the size, where they bought it from and what features came along with it.

On this Reddit thread, they had discussed the prices as well, with one dealer chiming in, claiming it cost $599 for a medium to as much as $999.  If you were to buy from him, they would knock off 30 percent off the accessories.

Warners’ Stellian, a Minnesota family-owned and kitchen appliance retailer, did list the prices on their official website, with prices ranging from $399 for a mini Green Egg to as much as $1,100 for an XLarge Green Egg.

What are the extra costs?

The Green Egg, unfortunately, can’t sit on the ground once you purchase it, so a dealer will try to push either a basic nest, which is a metal stand for your egg or in some cases, dealers can build a customized stand.  Depending on the size and your tastes, the cost of a nest can cost as little a $100 to as much as $500+ for a table/island.

Other accessories, aside from the highly recommended stand, includes a cover, grilling tools, a temperature gauge and a cooking grid.

You will need to purchase lump charcoal when you want to grill.  This can be generic charcoal or Green Grill specific charcoal.

Delivery and installation may or may not be included in your estimate and can add another $100+ to the total.

Tips to know:

The Green Egg Grill comes with a limited lifetime warranty; however, if you were to purchase online or via an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will be voided.  The warranty covers the draft door, metal top, spring assisted bands, fire grate and the damper top.

The Green Egg Grill lights differently when compared to a traditional grill.  Because of this, you will need to use natural lump charcoal and not lighter fluid to avoid permanently damaging it.  You also need to make sure that you cook at lower temperatures lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit the first few times you use the grill to allow the gasket to properly seal itself.  The grill, when properly prepped, is ready to cook food within 10 minutes.

It can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Big Green Egg is extremely safe to use because the ceramic surface doesn’t get as hot as a metal grill, and the heat source is protected within a ceramic firebox inside the base.

The Big Green Egg features a stainless steel cooking grid and an elegant green exterior with a lifetime glaze that maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily without chemical cleaners.

Inside, residual heat burns away any grease build-up – just like a self-cleaning oven.

The high-quality ceramics used in each and every grill will not crack or deteriorate over time.

How can I save money?

The manufacturers of The Green Egg Grill do occasionally offer discount coupons that can be found online by doing a Google search for “green egg grill coupons” or “big green egg coupons.”  Your local dealer may also be running store specific promotions that allow you to save money on the grill, so it doesn’t hurt to ask before making a purchase.

Do your research and try to find every dealer selling one in your area, and as long as you receive three to five quotes, this can help negotiate the pricing.  Many vendors will offer a price over the phone, but the company prevents them from posting on the web.  When receiving a quote, however, always make sure it’s for the grill only.  Some dealers try to bundle in accessories.

If you want accessories, the best time to purchase them is when you buy the grill as most dealers will offer a percentage discount.

Buying a slightly used model can save you up to 30 percent.  On eBay, for example, the costs of a slightly used model ranged from $250 to $400.

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