Greystone Mansion Wedding Cost

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The Greystone Mansion, a unique and exclusive setting located in Beverly Hills, California was a mansion built in 1928 and is currently owned by the city of Beverly Hills and registered as a National Historic Landmark.

Edward Laurence Doheny, the original owners of the property, along with his friend, Charles A. Canfield, was one of the first to strike oil at the time in the L.A. area.

In 1927, after the land was inherited as a wedding gift, the estate cost more than $3 million to construct.  The city took over the property in 1965 and has been open to the public as a park since 1971.  For the public, it is free to visit.

Greystone Mansion Wedding Cost
Greystone Mansion Fountain” (CC BY 2.0) by akasped

Greystone Mansion wedding cost

The costs to have a wedding held at the Greystone Mansion will greatly depend on the number of guests attending, the length of the event, your resident status (are you a resident of California?), the number of areas you want to use at the venue, whether it’s indoors and/or outdoors, and the time of year you want to book.  Based on these factors, the rental fees for both the ceremony and the reception can cost $4,000 to $18,000, while booking just the ceremony only can cost about $2,000 to $2,600, according to  This estimate includes the rental fee only and will not include the additional catering expenses as this is a separate cost to consider.

NOTE:  These are fees we sourced via the official website and are not considered to be 100% accurate at this time as prices can change.  For exact pricing for your wedding, it’s best to call the venue directly as there are so many factors that can affect the total price.  All events willl require a $1,000 nonrefundable deposit to book your event date., for example, states that soon-to-be couples should be prepared to budget about $10,000 for a 125-guest wedding on a Saturday night for just the rental fees.

Additional costs to consider

Surety deposit:  All events are charged a refundable surety deposit of $1,000 for non-reason season, $5,000 for the rain season and $10,000 for interior events, as per this brochure.

Ranger fees:  Depending on the scope of your event, you may need to pay ranger fee hours, in addition to the hourly rates noted above, at an average of $57 per hour, per ranger.  In some cases, again, depending on your event setup, you may need more than one ranger.

Additional staff hourly rates:  For events with more than 150+ guests, the venue does require you provide security and fire personnel, including a fire safety officer, sworn police officer and traffic control officer, all of which will average about $300 an hour.

Food/catering:  All catering must go through one of the Estate’s approved caterers and depending on which professional caterer you choose, former couples state you should be prepared to spend at least $100 per head.  You can choose other caterers who have been approved to work here, but the venue may charge an additional fee.

Permits:  Depending on the nature of your event, you may need to pull permits, which can start at $66 depending on the setup.  These permits, as per the venue, need to be submitted to the Beverly Hills Fire Department and are required for events with more than 50 people.  Tents, generators and additional items may require a permit as well, increasing the costs.

Liability insurance:  The permit holder needs to have a $2 million per occurrence general liability insurance listing the City of Beverly Hills.

Venue space options

The Greystone Mansion offers both an indoor and outdoor venue, but for most couples, the ceremony will usually take place in the Formal Gardens, with the cocktail hour held in the Cypress Walk or in the Forecourt.  The Pool, Terrace, Mansion Courtyard or Reflection Pond, all outdoor reception options, can cater up to 225 guests for a seated meal, whereas the Grand Ballroom, the indoor venue, can cater up to 60 guests, but if you book the entire first floor, it can seat up to 300 guests.

Formal Garden300 seated theater style
Mansion Courtyard Seated dinner: 200 with dance area, 225 without
300 standing reception
Terrace and Reflection Pond70 seated dinner or 150 standing reception
Mansion InteriorMaximum capacity is 200 when spread among the five interior rooms, but the largest room -- the Living Room -- can accommodate up to 60 guests

Tips to know

Setup may start at 8 a.m. and events can run up to 8 p.m. for an outdoor setting and 10 p.m. indoors.

Beverly Hills residents are able to book the venue nine months in advance, while non-residents can book six months in advance.

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