How Much Does Hair Club for Men Cost?

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The Hair Club for Men is a hair restoration company that provides a range of hair replacement options, including surgical and non-surgical hair replacement as well as hair loss therapy and prevention.

Originally offering services to male customers only, the Hair Club now also provides hair restoration services to women and children alike.

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How much does the Hair Club for Men cost?

On average, the overall cost per procedure for a Hair Club for Men transplant ranges anywhere from $2,500 to $4,500 initially and another $95+ per visit for future visits.  Many, who have signed up for the service, claim the annual maintenance can easily be $1,500+.  From what we researched from previous customers, the initial costs, according to the contract will only be the starting costs and you won’t truly own the hairpiece.  Requiring certain upkeep and care that only their company can do, you will be required to have modifications done every few months for an additional charge.  When all is said, it can cost $1,500+ a year to maintain your hairpiece.

We were able to find quite a few quotes online from previous and current members and included the costs they posted inside our table below:

$2,500 down and stopped after
$5,000 total after shampoo treatments/visits were factored in
$2,500 plan for EXT products and therapy that lasted 12 months
close to $5,000 out of pocket before quitting the program
quoted $275 per month for maintenance
paid $500 a month for visits every three weeks, with a new "matrix" ever six weeks
$2,000 for initially and $100 per visit
$4,000 a year plus products for the "Platinum" service
1-year contract for $3,182
$8,000 for procedure and $259 every six weeks for maintenance

A forum member on this forum thread said she went to a Hair Club in California and was told the initial startup was $2,500 to $3,500 and an additional $2,500 to $3,000 every year.

According to an article at, the Hair Club has an initial fee that starts at $1,200 and has a monthly fee that depends on the frequency of the hair system maintenance. A male Hair Club client interviewed for the article said that the club offers plans that range anywhere from $200 to $700 a month.

On a story at, someone talked about how his procedure would cost $1,300 and would involve routine hair appointments to adjust/cut the matrix.  In the comment thread, multiple people chimed in claiming it cost them $3,000 for the initial hairpiece and another $100+ a month to maintain it.  On one comment, in particular, he signed a one-year agreement for $3182.95.

How does the Hair Club for Men work?

The first step involves the consultation, a process where you will meet with a company representative to discuss your budget and your expectations.  During this time, your scalp and hair will be assessed, wherein measurements will be taken from the area in question.  Donor hair samples are also taken to ensure the new replacement system best matches your current hair color.

Next, after your consultation, you will return to the same office a few weeks later to receive your new “Bio-Matrix” hairpiece.  At this time, they will take about a half inch of your hair surrounding your bald spot and the new hairpiece will be adhered to your scalp by using a medical-grade adhesive to hold it in place.  Once adhered, they will give you a few haircare products that are formulated to keep your hair in great shape for the upcoming weeks.  This will include an adhesive remover, adhesive tape and other related materials.

Over time, as we mention below, you will need to come to the office every six weeks to have the hairpiece removed, serviced and realigned.  Since your hair will grow beneath your hair piece, it will need to be removed and the new hair will need to be sheared once again.  The rest of your hair, at this time, will also be cut to create a natural blend.

What are the extra costs?

Clients are advised to return to the clinic every four to six weeks to have the hairpiece removed, examined, and reapplied to the bald spot. The reason is that as the natural hair grows, the hairpiece comes loose from the scalp. The new growth is then cut off and the piece fastened back to the area. Every visit for maintenance of the hairpiece is charged separately, and these visits, depending on your situation, may include getting a new hairpiece and/or modifications.  A simple visit that requires a haircut has been said to cost about $100, whereas receiving a new hairpiece can cost much more.  As mentioned, the club can only work on your hairpiece and annual maintenance, as long as you keep the hairpiece, will need to be budgeted for.

During your initial fitting, you will be given an adhesive remover, tape and other haircare products.  While they are included in the initial payments, they will run out over time and will need to be purchased again in the future.

Tips to know:

The club, according to its services page, offers non-surgical and surgical options.  Its non-surgical methods include Xtrands+® and Xtrands®, while surgical options include the popular FUT and FUE methods.

It has been said you do have to sign a contract when you sign up for services.  When doing so, it’s highly advised you either read it in full or have a lawyer help you understand it in order to save headaches in the future.  We read too many complaints online in regards to some of their so-called unethical practices.

How can I save money?

Take advantage of the complimentary TrichoView Hair and Scalp Analysis. This assessment involves examining the current condition of your hair and what can be done about it. The analysis is performed by a trained hair restoration professional who will check up your hair loss and scalp condition using a high-powered microscope, provide a detailed treatment plan specifically for you, and provide a cost estimate of the recommended treatment method.  You can find more information about a free hair analysis on their official website.

Be sure to read all reviews before committing to the club as it is one of the many companies out there that can help with baldness.

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Average Reported Cost: $6000

100 %
0 %
Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. Overpayer (Boston ,  Massachusetts) paid $7400 and said:

    I have level platinum and pay 620 a month or about 7440 a year. I get a new system every month and I can come
    In for an additional “full service “ each month as well.

    Very shady about info and they upsell you like crazy . Stylists are great people but the management is out to get you in any way they can .

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Robert Berry (Modesto,  California) paid $4600 and said:

    $4600 for the hair piece. I was told there would be NO other charges. For months they took 390 a month out of an account I never check. THEY LIED TO ME. I asked Mitch the manager at the Tracy location for a contract and he has never sent it! The women who do the hair work are great, but the management are liars.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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