How Much Does Hair Rebonding Cost?

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Hair rebonding, also referred to as Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning, is a hair styling technique that involves flattening and straightening the hair to give it a smooth and sleek appearance.  This procedure was popular during the 1990s and continues its popularity in the 2000s as it lessens the need for every day combing since the hair is already conditioned.

Developed in Japan, the rebonding process will use different chemicals and heat to straighten the hair to give you the silky hair you have been looking for.

The price for hair rebonding will depend on the length of the hair, the type of rebounding required, and the hair salon that is going to perform the job.

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How much does hair rebonding cost?

On average, hair rebonding can cost anywhere from $350 to as much as $900+.  One of the main factors considered for the price of hair rebonding is the thickness and length of hair, so keep in mind that each situation is going to be unique.  The price tends to be much higher than other procedures due to the time it can take.

For example, shoulder-length hair could cost anywhere from $300 to $450, while hair that is slightly past the ears can cost anywhere from $150 to $250.

According to, the price for hair rebonding can range anywhere from $700 to $750., a hair salon located in Hollywood, Florida, shows that the price for their hair rebonding service can range anywhere from $95 to $500, with Japanese rebonding being the most expensive.

Hair rebonding overview

Before the process begins, a special lotion solution will be applied to the hair to ensure that the chemicals do not react negatively with each other.  This lotion will help with softening the hair.  Once the lotion has been applied, a straightener will be used to bond hair that is broken or it can rearrange the hair and bond it back together.

During most procedures, the hair will be washed with a shampoo, and after the shampoo has been applied, the hair will then be separated into parts.  A cream softener will be placed on the hair for up to an hour, and this will all depend on the hair type.  After this cream has been applied, the hair will be steamed for up to 50 minutes.  After this is all done, it will be blow dried and a flat iron will be used to flatten and straighten out the hair.  Lifestyle of a Professional does a nice job telling us how the procedure went.

Rebonding is a chemical treatment that is going to make your hair straight as well as shiny, and each type of bond can do its own thing to the hair.  For example, it can make it either curly or wavy.  This is an irreversible procedure and can cause quite a bit of damage if you don’t use a professional who knows what they are doing.

The average job can take upwards of four to eight hours to complete, with shorter hair taking about four hours and longer hair, usually at the shoulder or longer, can be closer to the six to eight-hour range.  This is a very long procedure, so be prepared to be at the salon for most of the day.

The process, if done correctly, can last up to eight months.

What are the extra costs?

Before the process begins, the salon may want to cut, wash, and shampoo the hair.   While this may be optional with some salons, it may be an additional fee to consider.

In order to keep your hair looking shiny and wavy, salons will recommend that you come in at least every three to six months, and this will all depend on the growth of your hair.  The faster that your hair grows, the more often you may have to go.

Additional products, which will be used with your newly rebonded hair, can cost another $20 to $45, depending on the brand you purchase.  This eBay guide breaks down the best hair rebonding products.

Tips to know recommends finding a stylist who has done the procedure at least 50 times.  The website also mentions that you should be certain you want the look you’re getting before leaving the salon since you won’t be able to change your look for the next few months.  Failing to wait may damage your newly straightened hair.

If you have had intensive treatments done in the past few months, such as a hair coloring, bleaching and/or straightening session, then your hair may not be able to handle the chemicals and won’t be able to produce the look you’re looking for.

You won’t be able to tie back your hair for a few weeks after the procedure due to the fragileness of your hair.

In some cases, the heat being used during the treatment can cause damage to your skin or scalp.

How can I save money?

Rebonding is a common service performed by several salons and the prices will greatly vary.  Check with at least three to five salons to see who offers the best price.  Keep in mind that hair rebonding can do great damage to hair, so do your research before the process starts.

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