How Much Does a Harley Davidson Extended Warranty Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

A Harley Davidson extended warranty, a contract between the owner and Harley Davidson, continues to provide coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.  This warranty provides full protection for the motorcycle, excluding parts due to wear and tear.

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Harley Davidson” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Tomás Fano

How much does Harley Davidson extended warranty cost?

Length of WarrantyAverage Dealer Quote
3 years/unlimited miles$1,000
4 years/unlimited miles$1,100
5 years/unlimited miles$1,250
6 years/unlimited miles$1,450
7 years/unlimited miles$1,750
Geographical LocationPrice PaidLength of Warranty
Louisville, KY$1,700 for $50 deductible with no tire coverage5 years
Nashville, TN$1,900 for $50 deductible5 years
Des Moines, IA$2,100 for $50 deductible with tire coverage5 years
Detroit, MI$1850 for $50 deductible5 years
Dallas, TX$1,799 for $50 deductible, no tire coverage5 years
Tampa Bay, FL$1,344 for $50 deductible with no tires2 years
Atlanta, GA$1,984 for $50 deductible with no tire3 years

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