How Much Do Havanese Puppies Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

The Havanese breed is known to be small, sturdy and has a lot of charm.  Known for its fluffy coat and springy step, the Havanese is able to make just about any dog owner happy.

Havanese Taimi by Hemlit, on Flickr
Havanese Taimi” (CC BY 2.0) by  Hemlit

How much do Havanese puppies cost?

On average, the cost of a Havanese puppy depends on its age, quality, breeder, colors, if it’s an AKC and the geographical location.  Most purebred Havanese puppies will be within the $850 to more than $1,900 range.  As notes, the price range will be so wide because fo the quality you’re looking at.  The website also notes that dogs in the $500 to $1,400 range may be bred by backyard dog breeders, while dogs in the $1,400 to $2,000 range will often be sold by reputable breeders.  Dogs in the $2,000+ range can be of competitive quality and will be show-quality.  This price range will also include females with breeding rights and rare colors.

From our research, any dog less than $800, unless older, should be questioned.  If purchased from a backyard breeder, it will often lose its qualities, which can lead to genetic and health issue.  Also, dogs in this environment won’t be socialized, held or loved while being raised. says most reputable breeders will have a price in the $1,200 to $1,800 range.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

If adopted from a reputable breeder, they should perform a health and genetic test before they even put the dog up for adopted.  If this test is performed, the breeder will include a health and genetic guarantee, along with any medical history paperwork, a full health exam, its first set of vaccinations and AKC paperwork if certified.  Some vets may even send you home with some supplies such as a leash, toys, blanket with the mom’s scent and dog food.

The dog’s coat can include colors such as silver, black, champagne, cream, brindle, chocolate, silver and part-colored.  Markings can be mixed in as well.  The average coat can reach six to eight inches in length.

What are the extra costs?

All dogs will have recurring costs, which include the dog food, local licensing, toys, routine/surprise vet visits and grooming visits.  Be prepared to spend about $1,000 the first year and about $500 per year after.  This will include the basics and won’t factor in any unnecessary vet visits or kenneling costs.

Other costs will include the dog collars walking leash, a dog crate and necessary grooming supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, ear powder and toothpaste.

Obiedence classes may be needed if you’re unable to train on your own.

Due to the dog’s double coat, monthly grooming sessions are highly recommended.  Depending on the groomer, this can cost upwards of $75 per session.  Without these grooming sessions, the dog can become a matted mess.  Even if you can’t afford the groomer or you don’t want to take it to one, a simple brushing will work.

If the dog has to be shipped from a breeder, airline transportation costs can be anywhere from $150 to $350, depending on the distance traveled and the airline.

Tips to know:

Heights can range anywhere from 8.5 to 11.5 inches and their weight can range anywhere from 7 to 13 pounds, according to the AKC standard.

This breed can live up to 16 years if healthy.

As for its energy level, it tends to be active, sociable and curious.  It’s also known to be intelligent, outgoing and funny.  Because of its energetic nature, it requires daily walks, a play session or even a swim for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Due to their size, they can do well in smaller homes or apartments.

When purchasing any puppy, Havanese included, steer clear of backyard breeders and puppy brokers.  Puppy brokers and backyard breeders are notorious for poor breeding and socializing skills, which leads to health and genetic issues in the future.  The Humane Society shows you how you can find a reputable dog breeder in your area.

Being highly devoted, these dogs can’t be left home alone for periods of times.

They do get along with children and other pets since they want to appeal just to anyone and anything around them.

Since some breeders can sell their puppies fast, many reputable ones will recommend you join their waiting list.

Havanese are often quick to bark at every new sight and sound, and it’s recommended new owners are quick to stop this behavior.

This dog is ideal for those who want a small dog that requires little exercise.  It’s also recommended for those who want a non-aggressive watchdog and a long coat that’s ideal for those who suffer from dog allergies.  The dog isn’t recommended for those who can’t deal with separation anxiety dogs and frequent brushings.

While there is no such thing as a non-allergenic dog, this dog is non-sheeding and makes a great choice for those who have allergies.

Questions to ask a Havanese breeder

How long have you bred this dog?  Do you breed other dogs?  Tip:  You will want to stick with a breeder who only focuses on one dog, because if it’s more than this, it could be a potential puppy mill.

Are you a member of a breeder club?  If so, which one?  Tip:  If they are, research this club on your own to see what kind of reputation it has.

Do your dogs compete?  Am I able to see the dog in person?  Tip:  A good breeder will always allow you to come to the home to inspect the dogs and commercial breeders won’t.

How does the dog live?  In a kennel or like a family member?

How many litters do you breed in a year?  Too many litters may mean they are focused on profits, not the dog.

Can I see the parents?  Seeing the parents offers you a good idea how the puppy’s temperament may be when they reach adulthood.

How old will they be when I can take them home?  Puppies should always be with their parents until 8 to 12 weeks old.

Do you include a health guarantee?

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How can I save money?

Check with local shelters such as the Humane Society or a local Havanese rescue.  While this particular breed may be hard to find at a shelter, it never hurts to call or put yourself on a waiting list.  Older dogs, regardless of the breed, will always be cheaper than a puppy.  With any dog purchase, consider adoption first before purchasing from any breeder. There are tons of dogs at your local shelter that will show you just as much love for a fraction of the cost.

There’s no need to spend more than $2,000 on this breed if you don’t plan on showing it competitively.  Countless Havanese breeders online claim you should be able to find one in the $1,500~ range.

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Average Reported Cost: $2000

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How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. Julie (Acworth,  Georgia) paid $2000 and said:

    I am a breeder and all four of my dogs cost more than $2,000. For a pet Havanese from any State, I would not pay less than $1,000. If you pay less than that, chances are your breeder will not replace you pup if he/she is sick of has congenital issues. You want to buy from a breeder that offers a contract of more than 72 hours. You want your breeder to give a 1 or 2 year or possibly a lifetime guarantee for your puppy. You can find a Havanese for $400 or $500, but I wouldn’t buy it.

    Also, these are very smart, family friendly dogs. Easy to train..non~shedding; Hypo Allergenic…..awesome and worth every cent. Sometimes you can find an older puppy (3 months old or so) that may be $950 or there’s about but you get what you pay for. If someone is breeding puppies on the cheap….you may get one that doesn’t exhibit all the fine character qualities of the Havanese breed because the parents are sick, mean or not the standard temperament of the breed!! Buyer Beware!!

    Was it worth it? Yes

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