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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

A new trend in cosmetic surgery, the heart-shaped nipple can be achieved by either tattooing or grafting the nipple.

Almost all plastic surgeons condemn this practice due to high risk of infection, so if you’re thinking about getting it done, you may find it hard to find a reputable professional surgeon and will have to look into hiring a tattoo artist.

The average heart-shaped nipple surgery costs

As mentioned, a heart-shaped nipple procedure will almost always have to be performed via a tattoo or permanent makeup professional, and in the end, the costs will depend on your geographical location and the tattoo artist you hire if you were to use.  While you can have a cosmetic surgeon do the work, you will often find yourself traveling to another country, aside from the United States to have it done.

With that in mind, the average costs, from what we researched, could range anywhere from $350 to $550 if you had a tattoo artist do the work to as much as $1,350 to $2,100 if you had your nipples grafted by a licensed cosmetic surgeon.  In the end, the costs will greatly depend on the type of professional you chose, where you had the work done and the amount of the work that needed to be done.

Confidentials.com claims you should be prepared to $500 to $1,000 for the procedure.

The heart-shaped nipple surgery procedure

Commonly performed via a tattoo artist, there are two reasons for it.  For starters, a cosmetic surgeon will never consider it because of a myriad of reasons, including undesired results, the risk of infection and the scarring process.  Secondly, most cosmetic surgeons, aside from heart-shaped nipple surgery, will almost always never perform any sort of modification surgery, leaving you only one option — the tattoo artist.

1. The tattoo/permanent makeup process

The entire process is just like getting a regular tattoo, but be forewarned that even if you had a tattoo in the past, this area, according to tattoo artists, can be the most sensitive area on the body.  During the process, your artist will first work with you by drawing and adjusting your nipple shape by coloring, re-sizing and re-shaping your areola with a marker.  When confirmed, the artist simply tattoos the area with the specifications you confirmed.  In most cases, if you closely look at pictures online, the artist will often lighten some of the nipples to create the heart shape.

If you do choose this route, the treatment often only lasts a limited amount of time, meaning you may find yourself coming in for touchups every 12 to 24 months.  As the skin stretches and the nipples naturally move downward over time, the shape can lose its luster and will need to be re-drawn to create the image once again.

2.  The nipple grafting process

Yes, you can often find surgeons who will modify your body, but as Zwivel.com points out, you will often find yourself going to a third-world country to have the surgery performed.  During a nipple grafting procedure, the doctor will first remove the outer layer of your nipple, followed by covering it with a graft from another part of the body in order to design the heart shape.  In this case, it can compromise your ability to breastfeed and/or can reduce your nipple sensitivity.  Third-world countries, such as China and India, often modify body parts due to religious traditions or even simply due to the fact you have money to fork over.

Facts to know

Robert Cohen, MD on Realself.com highly recommends re-considering the procedure as almost all reputable board certified plastic surgeons will not do this because they deem it as being unethical and very unsafe.  Even if you were to find someone who would want to do it, he recommends you should always put your safety and best interests first since the procedure will not turn out the way you think it will.

Unlike a heart you cut out, even if you were to alter your areolas to look like a heart, the scar, over time after the procedure was completed, could contract and eventually distort the image, creating a long-term result that may look much worse than your natural state.

Cosmetic surgeons can alter your nipples cosmetically; however, they will only do so in certain situations such as after breast reconstruction, to create a more natural look or during a transgender transformation.   A surgeon will only consider this surgery if your goal is to create a natural look.

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