How Much Do Henna Tattoos Cost?

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A henna tattoo, known as Mehndi, is a type of body art that is applied to the skin using removable ink that is made from powdered henna leaves.   Henna is a plant that will be found in most Middle Eastern countries, growing up to 10 feet tall.  When the leaves are dried and crushed into a powder, the natural dying properties found within the plant can temporarily stain the skin.

Henna tattoos are a great alternative to permanent tattoos since it can offer the same body art a permanent tattoo offers but can be removed easily.  Also, henna tattoos offer you the freedom to change the design as often as he or she would like.  Just like permanent tattoos, you will still be able to choose a design that will be applied to the skin.

The price of the henna tattoo usually depends on the complication of the design, professional applying the tattoo and where you live.

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How much do henna tattoos cost?

On average, a henna tattoo can cost anywhere from $20 to as much as $200 or more for a complex design.  Some artists will charge by the design while others will charge by the hour.  A small tattoo should cost $10 to $20, while a medium-sized tattoo should cost $25 to $50.  A larger tattoo that could take up your entire arm, for instance, could cost upwards of $150l.

If you want to hire a henna tattoo artist for an event, such as a bridal party or birthday occasion, then most will charge by the hour, ranging anywhere from $65 to $115 per hour.  According to ThumbTack, this price will all depend on the size of the event and the number of people being tattooed per hour.

An at-home kit can be purchased for $9 to $20 for those who want to attempt to do it at home.  These kits include all the necessary items needed in order to perform a simple tattoo.

Henna tattoo overview

Before the tattoo process begins, you will be able to choose your own design before the process starts.  These tattoos can range in size, anywhere from something small on the hand to as large as covering your entire leg.  Artists will often have books on hand filled with hundreds of designs, but if you want your own, you can simply show the artist the design you would like.  Depending on their skillset, they may or may not be able to work with it.   While henna is traditionally applied to the hands, feet and shins, artists will be able to place it anywhere you wish.  Most prefer getting it on their wrists, back, forearm, leg, palm or as a “sleeve.”

During the procedure, the henna will be mixed in a bowl, and after it has been mixed, the application will be placed according to the chosen design.  After the design has been formed on the body, it will be sealed and wrapped.   Small tattoos can take as little as 10 minutes, while more extravagant henna tattoos could take up to an hour.  The time that it takes to apply the tattoo will all depend on the design being applied and the experience of the artist.  Henna Arts, for instance, says a small palm-sized tattoo can take them up to eight minutes, while a design on a bride’s hand can take up to an hour.

After this tattoo has been applied, the dye will dry out, which can take upwards of five hours.  Once the henna starts to dry up, the power will gradually fall off the skin.  While the dye may have a tint of orange in the beginning, it will start to darken after three days or so.

How long does henna last? A high-quality henna tattoo will last seven to 21 days if taken care of properly.

What are the extra costs?

Aftercare will be necessary to make the tattoo last.  Vegetable or olive oil can work great on tattoos.  Simply swipe a cotton swab on the area once a day and follow this by rinsing it with water.

Some artists may charge extra if you want them to create a design that they do not have. recommends keeping the henna paste on for at least five hours for the best results.

If an artist has to travel to your location, a travel surcharge will more than likely apply.  This fee will all depend on how far they have to travel, but most of the time, it shouldn’t be more than $75.

Tips to know

If someone tells you the tattoo will be black, then it’s best to turn around and run away since the artist will be using some sort of non-natural chemical that’s harmful to your skin such as hair dye.  A natural henna will always produce a dark orange or maroon stain, and the darkness will all depend on your skin type and where the tattoo is going to be applied.

How can I save money?

If going to a local artist, see if they have any promotions available on their website.

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