How Much Does a Hershey Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Hershey Country Club, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1930 by Milton S. Hershey.  The club, over the years, has hosted various golf events such as the PGA Championship in 1940 and the LPGA Lady Keystone Open for almost 20 years.

How much does a Hershey Country Club membership cost?

According to the Hershey Country Club, children and grandchildren of current members can obtain a membership for free. On average, initiation fees are around $12,000 and monthly dues hover around $350 per month for a full membership, according to the prices we had found online A food and beverage minimum of at least $275 per quarter will apply as well.  These prices will vary, however, so please use this as an “estimate” only.  These fees can be much less for the recreation, tennis, social and non-resident categories.

According to this Central Penn Business Journal article, they stated an Alliance member can pay $90 to $150 per month, depending on the age.

The membership options

Golf – The family membership entitles the member and their family access to all golf courses, the driving range, swimming facilities, tennis facilities, fitness center and the clubhouse, whereas the individual membership offers the same amenities to the individual on file only.

Club Society – A membership option designed for those who are 21 to 39 years old.  It offers the same privileges as the traditional memberships but with lower monthly dues and initiation fees.

Heritage – An additional privileges that offer its current members the opportunity to add an immediate family member of current members to join for no initiation fee.

Corporate – Offers up to five employees of an organization membership privileges the club.  Only one initiation fee will be charged for the entire group.

Other membership options are available, including recreation, tennis, social and non-resident.

Hershey Country Club membership overview

The club offers three golf course options:  the East Course, West Course and Spring Creek, the longest 9-hole course in the area.  The club also offers a Pro Shop, driving range, golf instruction, group clinics, golf schools, club fittings and lessons.

Aside from the golf activities, the club also offers a 43,000 square foot clubhouse, meeting venues, the Hogan Grill, 24-hour fitness center, locker rooms and a swimming facility.

What are the extra costs?

Customized private golf lessons, clinics, and leagues are available for an additional fee.  Instruction pricing, as per the official website, can cost $35 to $65 per half hour, depending on the age.

Special events, commonly held throughout the year, will often have a fee to attend.

Guest green fees will apply.

How can I save money?

If your parents or grandparents are current members of Hershey Country Club, you can get a membership with no initiation fee.  Talk with the membership department for more information.

Members of the Hershey Country Club can refer prospective members via the Member Referral Certificate Program, which offers 50% off the advertised initiation fee, which means savings of up to $6,000. The referring member also receives a referral reward of $150 to $1,500.

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