HMR Diet Cost

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

The HMR (Health Management Resources) Program, developed by Lawrence Stifler more than 30 years ago in 1983, is a weight management program which consists of shakes, cereal bars, soups and entrees, to name a few.

The goal of the program, as per the U.S. News, is to help you lose weight while reducing your caloric intake via meal replacement programs along with a healthy serving of adding fruits and vegetables.  As you learn healthy lifestyle strategies, increase your physical activity and take personal accountability, the company claims they can help you lose weight and change your lifestyle.

HMR Diet Cost
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How much does the HMR Diet plan cost per month?

The cost of the HRM Diet plan will greatly depend on how you want to start the program.  For most, if you wanted to start the three-week kit with auto delivery setup, then the costs, at the time of this publishing, was $189 for the three weeks if you purchased via the official website.  Inside of this kit would include one free weekly group phone call with a coach, 48 HMR shake servings, 42 HMR entrees, 18 HMR multigrain hot cereal servings, a support guide, recipe book, tracking app and online tools.

If you were to stay on the “Quick Start” plan and pay the price mentioned above, then it would place you on an auto delivery program, which will send you a re-order every two weeks consisting of either four cans of HRM120 or three boxes of HRM 70 Plus and 28 entrees.   As per the company’s auto-delivery terms, this will cost you $185.04 for each two-week re-order or $220.14 for the lactose-free version.

As for the just the “Shakes” program, the initial three-week starting kit, which consists of three cans of HMR 120 and one box of HRM 70 Plus or three boxes of HMR 70 Plus will cost $111.15 or $126.90 for the lactose-free version.  Just like the “Quick Start” program, customers are billed every two weeks at $91.80 or $126.90 for the lactose-free.  As per the company’s auto-delivery terms, auto delivery members are not eligible for the Phone Program.

To join, the 3-week "Quick Start" initial kit$271.49, but was discounted $189 at time of this publishing
Re-order sent every 2 weeks for "Quick Start" kit$185.04 per 2 weeks or $220.14 for lactose-free every 2 weeks

To join the 3-week "Shakes" initial program$111.15 or $126.90 for lactose-free
Re-order sent every 2 weeks for "Shakes" kit$91.80 or $126.90 for lactose-free

NOTE:  These prices were accurate as of this publishing and cannot be guaranteed or 100% accurate.  Use this as an estimate only as the prices can change based on the promotions currently going on at the current time.

If you wanted to purchase the shakes, soup and/or cereal individually, then each serving could cost anywhere from $2 to $3, depending on which item you want to purchase and where you purchase it. On, for instance, we found a handful of listings, with one of the best sellers retailing for $22 for six servings or about a pinch more than $3 per serving.  You can also shop via the company’s official store as well.

How does the HMR Diet plan work?

The at Home Program, also referred to as the Healthy Solutions Diet, will consist of two phases:  the first phase being the Quick Start phase and the second phase known as the transition phase.

Phase One

During the first phase, the company will implement what’s known as the “three-two-five” daily diet plan, which simply means, as per the company, is that you will have to consume, at a minimum, three HMR shakes, two HMR entrees and at least five one-cup servings of fruits and vegetables, either fresh or frozen or a mix in-between.  During this phase, if you find yourself hungrier than usual, then you can still eat more of the low-calorie approved foods, along with mixing and matching the HMR-approved products, but you can never eat outside of the recommendations.  The company highly advises that you avoid all fast food, coffee shops and try to limit your social activities which revolve around food at this time.  Aside from the food portion of this phase, physical activities will be added, with the ultimate goal of help you lose up to 2,000 calories per week, which can be done via any moderate-intense exercise regimen such as swimming or running, for example.  During the entire phase, you will need to keep a daily log, tracking everything you eat as well as how often you’re exercising.

Phase Two

As part of the second phase, participants will continue on with the physical activity portion, but the meal plan will shift at this time.  Lasting around four to eight weeks, you will still eat the approved HMR foods and the same amount of fruits and vegetables; however, you will gradually add healthy, non-HMR, low-calorie foods, with the ultimate goal of building healthy eating habits for the future to help keep the weight off for good.  At this time, you will begin to make a healthier choice while consuming at least 14 HRM food meals for the week rather than the high-calorie meals outside of the program.  The company will recommend you focus on leaner proteins, such as chicken, and low-calorie cooking methods such as boiling and steaming.

This diet, being around for more than 30 years, has decades of experience and has been proven to work.  The science behind the plan is that you can go through the plan without having to starve or suffer like many diet programs make you do.  As long as you follow the phase as you should, it will allow you to eat healthy, nutritiously and get your fill of calories to keep you satisfied throughout the day as opposed to a higher-than-average blood sugar count.  In addition, the HRM-approved meals allow you to pick and choose what you to want to eat without the worry of knowing if it’s good for your diet or not.

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