How Much Does Hockey Equipment Cost?

There is a wide variety of equipment you can purchase when playing the game of hockey.  The right equipment is very important, especially the skates, because it needs to be perfectly fit for players to be able to play well and to protect you correctly.  The costs, like buying any equipment for any sport, can greatly vary depending on your preferences.

EIHA Girls Hockey Day by davidgsteadman, on Flickr
EIHA Girls Hockey Day” (Public Domain) by davidgsteadman

How much does hockey equipment cost?

Price Range
Bag$50 to $100
Cup$10 to $30
Elbow Pads$40 to $90
Gloves$50 to $100
Helmet$50 to $175
Hockey Bag$30 to $60
Ice Skates$100 to $500
Jersey$10 to $100
Mouthpiece$10 to $20
Pants$50 to $150
Shinguards$30 to $100
Should Pads$30 to $75
Socks$5 to $15
Stick$25 to $200
Tape$3 to $5 per roll
Water bottle$1 to $10

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

How can I save money?

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