Home Depot Tile Installation Cost

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

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Aside from selling tile, the Home Depot, like it does with many of its other supplies, can install it for you as well via its vast network of reputable and insured contractors.

Home Depot Tile Installation Cost
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Home Depot tile installation cost per square foot

The costs of tile installation via the Home Depot will really be no different than hiring a professional contractor, with the total costs greatly depending on the scope of your job, the type of tile you’re installing, your geographical region and the current promotion currently being held by the company.  Based on these factors and from the quotes we did find online, it appeared it could cost anywhere from $3.50 to $6+ per square foot to have a contractor via Home Depot install your tile for a fairly straightforward job.  These prices, of course, can greatly increase if you were to have additional obstacles.  These prices would not include the prices of materials.

Before Home Depot is even able to offer you a quote, they will first ask for a professional in-home measurement, which starts at $35, according to the official website; however, if you commit to the job, then the company, most of the time, will waive the fee.  During the measurement, the company will verify measurements, evaluate the site for any obstacles and determine if the job requires additional special installation requirements.

Online, for example, we were able to find an invoice someone posted online and included it below:

One forum member on Houzz.com, for instance, stated they were quoted $4 a square foot at their local Home Depot and this was double the price she received from a local contractor they found on their own.

Additional costs to consider

Moving furniture:  If you’re unable to move some of the heavier furniture off of the tiled area, then depending on the company policy and the furniture that needs to be moved, additional fees could apply.  Talk with an associate for more information as to how much you could pay.

Hauling away old tile:  Disposing of and hauling away older tile that was already installed could add another $2 to $3 per square foot to the estimates mentioned above.

Disconnecting appliances/toilets:  Taking apart and reconnecting a toilet, according to some of the invoices we looked at, could add another $100 to $200 per toilet to the bill the contractor needs to take apart.  Any additional plumbing that needs to be taken apart, such as a faucet in the wall, could add to the costs as well.

How long will it take?

According to the official FAQ, the typical tile job will take up to three days but sometimes more, greatly depending on the size and space of the project.  As installing tile is a multi-step process, even the smallest job will take more than a day since the tile, when initially installed, will need to dry before the grout and seal is applied.  The first step involves preparing the surface, cleaning it and leveling the area to prepare for the tile setting.  Next, after the area is fully prepped, the tile is set with a mortar based on your tile choice, and lastly, once set and dry, the tile is grouted and a sealer is applied.  The amount of grout will greatly depend on the size of your joints as there are multiple joints available.

Tips to know

The contractors hired through the Home Depot do not work for the Home Depot; rather, they are part of a network of contractors the company closely works with.  All contractors through the Home Depot are licensed, insured, local and will undergo a background check.

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