How Much Do Pregnancy Tests Cost?

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According to WebMD, “Home pregnancy tests can find the presence of a pregnancy hormone (called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG) in a sample of urine. High levels of hCG are made during pregnancy, and the home tests have similar results to the pregnancy tests done in most doctor offices if they are used exactly as instructed.”  Home pregnancy tests are usually the first choice for women who think they may be pregnant.  If the home pregnancy test suggests pregnancy, consult your doctor immediately for proper prenatal care.

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How much do pregnancy tests cost?

The cost of a pregnancy test will depend on the type, if it’s done at home, the brand and where it’s purchased.  A simple over-the-counter urine test strip can cost $1 to $15, but if a blood test is performed at a local doctor’s office, the costs can $50 to $200 for the test alone, and this won’t include the doctor’s visit.

According to, an online lab will charge $49 for a pregnancy blood test.

TypePrice Range
Blood Pregnancy Test$50 to $200 (not including doctor bill)
Clearblue Pregnancy Test$7 to $15 (2 pack)
Early Response Pregnancy Test$6 to $12 (2 pack)
EPT Pregnancy Test$7 to $14 (2 pack)
First Response Pregnancy Test$9 to $12 (2 pack)
Planned Parenthood Pregnancy Test$0 to $50+ (based on income sliding scale; includes visit)

Pregnancy test overview

Test strips will come with instructions for use and possibly a cup for urine collection.  Be sure to read the directions to ensure you’re getting accurate results.  Most of the time, you will take the test four days before your period and you will have to pee on a stick for about five seconds.  Two lines will mean pregnant, while one line means you’re not.  Digital tests, on the other hand, will either say “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

A home pregnancy test will work by measuring the hCG in your urine.  Once you conceive, it can take up to 14 days for hCG to show up.  If any levels are present, the test will detect it and show a positive result.

A blood test will give the specific hCG levels in your blood.  These blood results can offer your doctor a way to track your number and get a better read on your pregnancy.  These tests can help monitor miscarriages or even multiples.

If you’re not planning on taking a pregnancy test at the local doctor’s office, it can be found at local drug, grocery stores or in bulk with retailers such as

What are the extra costs?

Some pregnancy tests are sold in combination packs with ovulation tests.  These tests help women determine when is the best time to try to get pregnant.  Combination packs will be more expensive but can be useful if you are trying to get pregnant.

If you’re finding that the at home tests aren’t working well, a doctor’s test may be required in order to get an accurate result.  Heading to the doctor’s office will result in an office exam and test fee that can start at $75 without insurance.

Tips to know:

Always take your pregnancy test first thing the morning.  Make sure that it’s the first time you’re going to the bathroom for the day.  The reason you’ll want to do this is because you’ll have the high hCG levels, which detect your pregnancy.

Each pregnancy test is going to greatly vary.  What you’re going to want to make sure you do is read the directions on the back of the label as they are all going to greatly vary.

The more accurate test you can receive is a pregnancy test at your local doctor’s office.

If you ever have any questions in regards to the pregnancy test, always make sure that you call the number on the back of the box to get the appropriate answers.

Taking medication, such as some fertility drugs, may affect the test.

How soon after conception can I test?  Most packages claim  you can take the test three to four days before your period was due; however, most experts recommend you take the test one week after your period was supposed to start.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most tests claim to be 99 percent accurate; however, some studies state that some tests may not be sensitive enough to diagnose pregnancy who nearly missed their period.  The Mayo Clinic recommends you wait at least one week after your last period before taking the test.

What can cause a false positive pregnancy test?

One of the most common reasons is due to using the test improperly.  Failing to abide by the directions can lead to false positives.

Failing to read the test within the timeframe specified in the directions can show false positive results.  Over time, it’s not unusual for the lines to appear as evaporation occurs.  As long as you read the results during the proper time frame, there shouldn’t be an issue.

If the test is expired, it can often yield false results.

Testing too early can lead to a “chemical pregnancy.”  Fertility experts note that up to 70 percent of conceptions can end in a miscarriage and most don’t even realize it because it happens early in the conception phase.  While it may be tempting to get results, it’s always best to wait at least a week after your first missed period.

Prescriptions, such as Phenothiazine, Anticonvulsants, some diuretic, tranquilizers and Promethazine, can alter the results.  If these drugs contain any hCG, it can affect the reading levels.

For those who are taking urine tests, your urine may be contaminated if you clean the cup with soap beforehand.  Soap and detergent can contaminate the urine sample if you don’t wash all the soap out 100 percent.

Top brands to consider:



First Response



How can I save money?

Most brands and stores offer coupons for their products.  Check online and in the weekly ads for discounts.

Consider checking local dollar stores.  Many tests online have shown that dollar store pregnancy tests are just as effective as name brands.

Since you’re going to need more than one test, it may be ideal to purchase a kit that contains more than 1 test.  It’s not uncommon to find tests that carry more than 20 to 50 strips.

Many main brands will commonly have coupons online through either their website or through searches.  Check for coupons before setting out to make a purchase.

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