Honda B123 Service Cost

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Service B123 often indicates that your vehicle model, whether it’s a Civic, Pilot or Accord, often around 30,000 to 60,000 miles, will need routine mileage service done, and during this time, your engine oil will need to be changed, along with the cabin filter and engine air filters, to name a few.

Depending on your exact Honda model and the numbers displaying on your dashboard, the vehicle computer located at your dealer/mechanic will be able to tell them exactly what needs to be serviced at the interval once plugged into the computer.

Honda B123 Service Cost
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Honda B123 service cost

The B123 service code, as mentioned in the introduction, will be routine service related, and from what we saw online, most Honda owners would need their oil changed, cabin filter swapped and air filter changed as well, usually at a minimum.

Each number, which we will go into detail in our table below, will each indicate a certain service that needs to be performed.  In some cases, for example, the tires are rotated, the automatic transmission is flushed and the entire system is inspected in depth.  Depending on what’s done, most people, if they decide to choose a local Honda dealer, often spend $200 to $340 for the synthetic oil change, transmission flush, and a new cabin and air filter if the B123 code was displaying.  This all, of course, can all change depending on what you want to be done at the time of service as you do not necessarily need to have it done as it is all routine maintenance but highly recommended.

According to one auto service Honda technician on, he mentioned that the costs, when the oil change and filters are included, can cost up to $450, but in some cases, the vehicle computers may tell the mechanic that other service needs to be done at the time of service.

One member on this forum thread noted his A123 light came on and he was quoted $242 for the oil change, tire rotation, a/c and engine filter, and the transmission fluid.

On another forum thread at, this member was quoted $440, but when he changed the cabin and air filter on his own, he was able to knock $145 off the total, bringing the entire total to $295.

Learning about the “B123” code

The symbol “B” means that it’s time to replace the engine oil and the oil filters as well as inspect various systems and components, depending on your exact model.  You or the mechanic will refer to the service manual for more details as to what needs to be inspected at this time.

As for the numbers, refer to our table below to see what each number indicates:

1the tires need to be rotated and the pressure and condition need to be inspected
2the air cleaner element needs to be replaced, check the drive belt and replace the dust and pollen filter
3replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid if you have it
4replace the spark plugs, timing belt and inspect the water pump and valve clearance
5replace the engine coolant
6replace rear differential fluid if equipped

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Average Reported Cost: $450

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