How Much Do Honest Abe Log Homes Cost?

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Honest Abe Log Homes has been developing log home kits and log cabins for more than 30 years at their manufacturing plant.

The company designs, manufacturers and builds solid, energy-efficient custom log homes, log cabins as well as timber frame houses.

Their catalog of floor plans features 44 log home designs with details regarding materials provided in their log cabin kits and log home packages.

Founded in 1979, the company is headquartered in Moss, Tennessee, and it features three Tennessee show homes as well as sales centers in Cookeville, Murfreesboro and Crossville.

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How much do Honest Abe log homes cost?

On average, Honest Abe Log Home packages are quoted for about $30 to $60~ per square foot. This price includes the logs, windows, railings, doors, and the act of drying in the house up to the point where the homeowner essentially takes over and completes all the finishing work, electricity, plumbing and more.  However, when you factor in the finished product, you will be in the $120 to $175 per square foot range.  The costs, in the end, will greatly depend on the series you choose and finishing options.

According to, the log home dry in shell package will often cost $50 to $60 per square foot, but the costs will depend on the corners, dormers, porches and heavy timber options.  When you add in the labor, it will add another $18 to $25 per square foot to dry in the log home.  With their estimate, they noted a 1,350 square foot Honest Abe log home finished to expectations will cost close to $162,000; this wouldn’t include the foundation or basement. used an example from Honest Abe Log Homes.  His quote was $35 per square foot, but if you selected a premium package option, the costs would increase.  In the end, he noted that the estimate could be around $125 to $145 per square foot.

Honest Abe log homes overview

The inclusions, as part of their kits, according to the official website, includes the following:  a subfloor system, log wall system, second-floor system, window and door units, and a porch and deck system.

Four log systems are offered: either milled D, original chinked, round and genesis. The four systems offer a combination of round or square log-on-log look or the log look and come completely precut, notched and then numbered.

Log lengths range up to 16 feet. The log sizes include 6’’ by 10’’, 6’’ by 12’’ inch, 8’’ by 8’’, 6’’ by 6’’ or 10’’ round with saddle notch corners.

What are the extra costs?

For the record, Honest Abe usually says that the cost of completing your Log house will be double the cost of drying it in. Honest Abe Log-Homes can be contracted at an extra cost to build a log home to the dry-in stage in particular distances of its national headquarters.  Or, if you choose so, you can hire your own contractor as well.

Other considerations to consider include permits, roughing in a driveway, the foundations, site preparation, a well, septic system, landscaping and more.

The land won’t be included in the price, either.

Applicable state sales tax and shipping will be another price to consider.

Tips to know:

With years of experience and multiple homes finished, Honest Abe Log Homes is a reliable company. Each log home is precut, notched and then numbered using modern, high-tech manufacturing facilities. The precut kits or packages are shipped all over the United States and the world.

All Honest Abe logs are kiln-dried, graded and then stamped to meet the national grading standards.

Independent dealers of Honest Abe log homes are available in several different sections of the country to offer construction services from dry-ins to complete turnkey construction.

When choosing a kit, always make sure you know what you’re getting with the price you’re paying as all packages will vary.  The same can be said when hiring a contractor.  Always ask them to provide a detailed estimate, showing you exactly what you’re getting with the install job.

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