How Much Does Hot Mix Asphalt Cost?

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Hot mix asphalt (HMA), sometimes referred to as asphalt concrete, is the material used in construction to complete the paving of roads, airport runways, recreational paths and parking lots.  This asphalt results in a smooth texture on the surface and is considered to be very useful because it can fill potholes or cracks in rougher roads, making it extremely flexible.

Hot mix asphalt is a combination of 95 percent stone, sand or gravel that’s bound together by asphalt cement.

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How much does hot mix asphalt cost?

On average, the price of the asphalt is between $85 and $150 per ton for just the materials.  The cost varies depending on the current price of oil.

This Washington State Department of Transportation highway construction guide, for instance, said the average bid price in western Washington was $81.01 per ton.

Factors that affect the price

The price of oil

The price of hot mix asphalt depends on the price of oil. As the price of oil increases, the price of asphalt also increases.

The type of material

There are many types of hot asphalt mix and the type of material used matters.  The types of hot mix asphalt can include a cold mix, slate mix, asphalt treated base, recycled base or emulsified mix.  There are also different grades of asphalt that will affect the final look and texture of the area.

Geographical location

As with anything in life, the higher cost of living areas will often have higher prices.  In the guide linked above, for example, the state of Washington saw varying bids in certain geographical zones.  In western Washington, for example, the average bid was $81 per ton, but in eastern Washington, the average bid dropped to $68 per ton.

Hot mix asphalt overview

Hot mix asphalt, when prepared, will be loaded onto a dump truck for transport.  Once at its final destination, the truck will dump the hot mix asphalt into hoppers that are located in front of the paving machines.  The asphalt will then be placed and compacted using a heavy roller, which is eventually driven over the asphalt.

What are the extra costs?

If the minimum amount of asphalt mix is not purchased, you may have to pay a delivery charge.

An environmental fee is usually charged for all outbound materials.

You might also incur public scale cost that might range anywhere from $15 to $20 per load.

If you are applying hot mix asphalt on larger surface areas, you will need to consider renting the appropriate equipment to perform the job.

After the asphalt is applied, the surface may need painting.  For instance, if you have just paved a parking lot, stripes will need to be put on.  Whether you do it on your own or hire a painter, this needs to be budgeted for.

Asphalt does not last forever.  It will eventually develop cracks, pits, and holes that will need to be repaired in the future.

How can I save money?

Always calculate the area you want to pave with asphalt so you don’t purchase too much asphalt.

Compare prices from at least three to five suppliers that are available in your area, and choose the one that you think is the best and can help you save money.  If you need professionals to help you with the job, consider getting multiple quotes for free at

If possible, rent equipment with the same company where you purchase your asphalt because they might offer a package deal.

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