How Much Does a Houstonian Club Membership Cost?

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The Houstonian Club, along with the Houstonian Hotel and Trellis Spa, is located in the heart of Houston, Texas on 18 gated acres.

How much does a Houstonian Club membership cost?

On average, the initiation membership fee and monthly dues greatly depend on the membership you want to sign up for.  With so many options, we broke down the costs we found on their official PDF pamphlet.

Membership CategoryInitiation FeeMonthly Dues
Resident$25,000 - $28,000- $368 for individual
- $409 for couple
- $456 for family
- $409 for single parent with one dependent under 25 years old
Voyagers (70+)$12,500- $368 for individual
- $409 for couple
Associate$15,000 - $18,000- $265 for individual
- $338 for couple
- $392 for family
- $338 for single parent with one dependent under 25 years old
Voyagers (70+) Associate$7,500- $265 for individual
- $338 for couple
Junior Associate$7,500- $200 for individual
- $338 for couple
Corporateadd $3,000 to the initiation fee of the membership

NOTE:  These prices are according to the club’s official 2017 pricing brochure.  Do use these prices as an estimate only as they are due to change at any moment.

According to this article, the initiation fee is said to be $22,000.

CNN Money says the initiation fees are close to $24,000 and monthly dues are $200.

The membership options

Resident – A membership option that provides complete dining, social and athletic use of the Houstonian.  Resident members can also enjoy the Resident member locker rooms, the Resident member workout room and gated parking access.

Voyagers – A Resident membership option designed for those who are older than 70 years old.  This membership provides the same benefits as a Resident membership.

Associate – Provides access to the dining, social and athletic use of the Houstonian, excluding all Resident member areas.

Junior Associate – Provides the same benefits as an Associate member but is designed for those who are 23 to 29 years old.  The initiation fee, if this option is chosen, will be due on the 30th birthday.

Voyagers Associate – Offers the same benefits as an Associate member but is designed for those older than 70 years old.

Legacy – Available for children of current members who are 25 to 29 years old.  In order to qualify for this membership, the child must have been listed as a dependent on the parents’ membership.

Houstonian Club membership overview

All membership options, as specified above, will include four indoor tennis courts, five outdoor lighted courts, two outdoor padel courts, two racquetball courts, an outdoor running track, exercise studios, an outdoor resort pool, an outdoor 25-yard sports pool, outdoor garden pool, outdoor whirlpool, locker rooms, personal trainers, saunas, a basketball court, strength training, indoor running track, 300 state-of-the-art cardio/strength training machines, 200+ complimentary group classes, IHRSA reciprocity program and steam rooms.

Resident members, aside from the inclusions mentioned prior, will also have access to massage rooms, complimentary snacks, plush robes, an additional private fitness center, complimentary bungalow, gate-accessed parking, priority reservations, complimentary use of the Library/Board Room and discounts.

Dining and social options, available for all, includes the Manor House, The Bar, Olivette Restaurant, The Houstonian Hotel, Center Court Cafe, Poolside outdoor dining and social events held throughout the year.

Club services include the Sports Shop, spa services, childcare, a kids gym, educational programs, a car wash, laundry, private locker options, beverage service, massages and shoe shine services.

What are the extra costs?

Associate members will have to pay guest fees, which can range from $15 for children younger than 15 and $25 for adults.

Private lessons for either tennis, padel or racquetball starts at $65 an hour.  Group training can range from $20 to $50 an hour, depending on the number of people and whether it is indoor or outdoors.

Nutrition consultations start at $95 per hour.

Lockers, including laundry service, can cost $30 per month for a half size and $43 per month for a full size.

Associate members will have to pay $4 to $9 per hour for childcare services.

A variety of leagues and tournaments are available for an additional fee.

The Pilates/Gyrotonic® Studio incurs additional charges.

Tips to know:

Registered guests at the Houstonian Hotel are allowed complimentary limited access to the club and pools.

Like any gyms, the club does offer special promotions occasionally.  Be sure to check out their current offers to see if you can take advantage of any savings before signing up.  For example, at the time of this publishing, the club was offering no dues for a few months.

To date, the club has 5,800 members, according to the

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