How Much Do Apex Blocks Cost?

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The APEX Block Corporation is a manufacturer of recycled building blocks for constructing homes, mixed-use properties, commercial structures and schools.

This corporation created the APEX Block, which is an insulated concrete form/block building product and wall system for saving building products. It is a revolutionary energy-saving building product which provides protection against flood, high winds, earthquakes, fire and infestation.

Apex blocks are a safe, innovative and eco-friendly wall system that gives your home an energy-efficiency savings of up to 50%. They are 100% post-industrial consumer recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS).

How much do APEX blocks cost?

On average, apex blocks are going to cost about $12 to $15 per square foot., the official website, claims that it can cost about $12.88 per square foot on average.

BuilderOnline says the cost per block is about $20.25.

APEX blocks overview

The APEX Block is a modified ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), energy-efficient and strong green wall system, ideal for commercial and residential construction. It has been made from recycled polystyrene and cement, and unlike other ICFs, the APEX Block is able to fit together in a Keystone Interlocking System. Its patented interlocking blocks provide a quick assembly of walls with less bracing. This eliminates the time and cost of costly bracing and connection techniques, and by simplifying the construction process, you are able to build faster, build smarter and build Greener.

The APEX Block can be used in consumer DIY projects, residential construction, commercial construction as well as rehabilitation construction.

What are the extra costs?

The actual pricing will vary depending upon shipment location and it does not include the concrete filler and adequate insulation. A typical 2 feet by 6-feet block wall can cost around $1,000 for the framing, insulation, Tyvek, OSB and sheetrock. This translates to around $6.50 per square foot compared to $2.80 per square foot for a framed wall.

Tips to know:

When the block is stacked up, the steel is then installed, and afterward, wet concrete is poured into the cylinders. This wall system is capable of withstanding up to 160 mile per hour winds and is fire resistant up to almost four hours at 2000 degrees.

An average home that is built using this block keeps roughly 2,800 pounds of polystyrene out of landfills.

With the Apex Block wall system, you use less concrete, unlike traditional ICFs. It does not contain formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), no off-gassing and no known carcinogens.

By combining 100% EPS (recycled expanded polystyrene) with the strength cement elements, APEX Block has created a building material which is not just environmentally friendly, energy efficient and fire resistant, but also capable of sustaining the wrath of an EF5 tornado, an earthquake with a 8.5 seismic rating or higher or a category four hurricane. What is more, the unique interlocking keystone alignment of the APEX Blocks require less labor, fewer materials as well as fewer construction steps as compared to the average ICF (insulated concrete form) system, making it to be the most economical and time efficient ICF for any project, be it residential, commercial, institutional or industrial

How can I save money?

If you’re going to use a professional contractor, get at least three to five quotes., for example, can help you get multiple quotes from local, licensed contractors in your area with a click of the button.

Remember, APEX blocks are a brand.  Be sure to compare other options as well to see which blocks may work for your situation.  For example, the Home Depot sells the SmartBlock, which is said to be an APEX competitor.  A bundle of 20 60 inch-by-13.3 feet blocks can cost close to $350 per bundle.

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