How Much Do Bell Peppers Cost?

A bell pepper, also known as a sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum, is a cultivar group belonging to the species Capsicum annuum. Bell peppers are named so for their bell-like shape. Cultivars of this plant produce fruits in diverse colors, including green, yellow, orange, red, purple, vanilla/white, and chocolate/brown. Bell peppers are, at times, grouped with less pungent varieties of pepper as “sweet peppers.”

Today, China is the largest pepper producer in the world, followed by Indonesia and Mexico. The flavor of ripe peppers may vary depending on the growing conditions as well as post-harvest storage treatment; the sweetest bell peppers are ones allowed to ripen fully while on the plant in full sunshine. Fruit harvested green and then after-ripened in storage are generally less sweet.

Bell Peppers by joe beasley, on Flickr
Bell Peppers” (CC BY 2.0) by joe beasley

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