How Much Does a Birman Cat Cost?

The Birman cat became popular because it is considered the sacred cat of Burma.  The Birman cat is known for its pale colored body, deep blue eyes and many dark spots, which gives the cat a mysterious look.

otannyk kuvaaaa! by kahvikisu, on Flickr
otannyk kuvaaaa!” (CC BY 2.0) by kahvikisu

How much is it?

Type of Birman CatWhat Should You Expect?Average Price
Average BreedMore than likely will come from a purebred parent but will have some defaults according to the standard. Even if you wanted to show off this cat, it probably won't have a good chance of winning and will be considered a household cat.$600 to $1,000, with males selling for about 30% less than females.
Low Show QualityWill come from a parent with pet show quality and may have the elements to show but may never become a champion$1,000~
Premium Show QualityComing from a champion line of purebred parents, this is as good as it gets -- top show quality and will be one of the prettiest looking cats at a show.$1,000 to $1,800
RetiredSome breeds, from time to time, may offer their retired show cats up for adoption. These breeders are often looking to make new room and offering their cats up to a loving home.Less than $600

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