How Much Do Daisies Cost?

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Whether you want to plant a daisy in your garden at home or you want to purchase some for a bouquet for your next wedding, there are many types out there.

The cost of these flowers will vary depending on a few factors.  According to, some of the daisy types include African Daisies, Blazing Start, Chicory, Desert Chicory, Firewheel, and the Goldenrod.

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How much do daisies cost?

On average, a packet of seeds can cost anywhere from $1 to $5, while a fresh stem can cost anywhere from $1 to $5 each.  The cost will depend on the type, quality and where it’s purchased from.

The popular gerbera daisies can cost about $1 to $3 per stem or about $1 per stem if purchased in quantities higher than 50.  For example, during peak seasons, warehouse clubs, such as Sam’s Club, sells gerbera daisies for $80 to $100 for 80 stems.

For example, a 100-milligram packet of English Daisy Perennial Flower seeds will cost anywhere from $2 to $4.

African Daisy Annual Flower Seeds are going to cost anywhere from $2 to $4 for one packet.

Shasta Daisy Flower Seeds are going to cost around $2 to $4 for a packet of 250 Milligrams.

On average, Gerber Daisies can range anywhere from $1 to $3 a stem at your local florist., a florist that specializes in selling daises by the bulk offer daisies for as little as $95 for 60 stems.

What are the extra costs?

If purchasing your flowers online, be aware of shipping charges.  While seed packets may be small, the larger flowers may cost more.

If planting the daisies in your yard, consider fertilizer and high-grade top soil.

If these daisies are for a wedding, bouquet or corsage, the costs will be higher due to the amount of work the florist will have to put into them.  For example, a bouquet of eight flowers can start at $50 and go up from there depending on the florist doing the job and the type of daises used.

Tips to know:

Fresh cut daisies can come in the following color options:  purple, yellow, pink, peach, white and blazing red.

A common pest that attacks the daises are slugs.  If you’re finding your flowers won’t sprout, check the area for slugs.  This can be done by leaving a piece of wood behind or even a rock.  In the wee morning hours, flip it over to see if they are stuck to the other side.

If the pedals are missing from the flower, many birds tend to snack on them.  Create a deterrent by leaving out bird seed.

When growing, choose an area that receives full sun.  If the area is too hot, the area should be shaded partially.  Just before the flower blooms, use a fertilizer high in phosphorous to help promote larger blooms.

Try to set the plants at least 12 inches apart.

How can I save money?

Purchase daisy seeds as they only cost a few dollars.  While you won’t see instant results, it will take 8 to 14 weeks to fully germinate.

Consider purchasing them in bulk at your local wholesale clubs such as Costco.  When these flowers are in season, you’ll find that purchasing them in bulk can be affordable.

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