How Much Do French Fries Cost?

French fries, also referred to as “chips” in some places, are one of the most common foods in America.

Fries are made by cutting potatoes into long sections and then deep frying these pieces in oil.  Fries can be ordered from almost any restaurant and can also come in different varieties.

For example, waffle fries, which are larger and look a waffle; steak fries, which are cut wide and thick; sweet potato fries, which are made from sweet potatoes; or shoe string fries, which are cut very thin.

French fries can also be seasoned in many different ways.  Some restaurants have their own special seasoning recipe while others may simply season with salt.  Finally, there are some french fries that still have some of the potato peel while others are free of the peel.  This variety of fries is one of the things that draws people to them.

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How much do french fries cost?

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