How Much Do Golf Balls Cost?

If you’re an avid golfer, you probably already know how often you have to replace your balls.  Between the lakes, endless woods and lost balls in the garage, this can seem like a never-ending expense.

The cost of golf balls differs according to the brand, material, quantity, where you purchase them and durability.

Golf Balls by oatsy40, on Flickr
Golf Balls” (CC BY 2.0) by  oatsy40

How much do golf balls cost?

BrandPrice Average
Bridgestone $15 to $35
Callaway$15 to $41
Nike Golf$13 to $33
Nitro$9 to $33
Pinnacle$10 to $35
Precept$15 to $47
Srixon$19 to $35
TaylorMade$14 to $28
Team Golf$16 to $45
Titleist$24 to $39
Top Flite$19 to $25
Vice$14 to $34
Wilson$10 to $30

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