How Much Does a Lap Pool Cost?

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Lap pools are not as big as recreational pools and can be installed in the ground or above the ground.  Even with the limited space in your home, lap pools can easily be installed in your house, regardless of the size.

Most lap pools work by sending a constant flow of water against you as you swim – almost like an underwater treadmill, offering an excellent way to have a low-impact workout while swimming at the same time.

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How much does a lap pool cost?

On average, a lap pool is going to cost anywhere from $5,000 to as much as $15,000 without installation.  Like any other pool, it can be hard to give an estimate since lap pools vary in size, width and depths.  The contractor you choose, the geographical location and the material you use can affect the costs as well. For example, a 6-x-30 lap pool, which tends to be the smallest size on the market, can cost $5,600 to $8,800, while an 8-x-50 lap pool can cost $6,700 to $11,500.  A larger lap pool — around 12-x-44 can cost $7,000 to $13,100.  To have the lap pool professionally installed, plan on doubling or even tripling the costs mentioned.  To budget, plan on spending at least $16,000 to more than $35,000 to install a standard 6×30+ pool

The endless lap pool, a popular lap pool brand, starts at $22,000 and goes up from there, depending on the size and options you choose.  One member on spent $37,000 to have his endless pool installed.

According to the online retailer, the price of a lap pool kit can range anywhere from $6,100 for a 6×30 lap pool to about $8,500 for a 10×60 lap pool.  The kit will include the pump, skimmer, sand filter, main drains, pool return, steps, ladder, entry rail, the liner, wall brace, rebar, coping and rope.

Lap pool overview

Most lap pool dimensions should be at least eight feet wide, and if you need to add partner while swimming, add another four feet at a maximum.  As for the depth, plan on having it at least three and a half feet deep to prevent yourself from scraping your fingers at the bottom of the pool.  Lengths can vary anywhere from as short as 45 feet to as long as 75 feet.  This narrow design allows you to use less space when compared to a traditional pool.

Lap pools will commonly be shaped as a simple rectangle, but some may be shaped as an L to make room for pool steps.

What are the extra costs?

Every pool will have its own scenario and so many costs can come into play.  Running an electrical hookup, for example, can cost close to $1,500, while running a gas line, if you want to heat the pool, can cost close to $1,500 as well.  Adding in additional features and various components and the costs can get well into the high thousands.

Like any pool, chemicals will need to be added to make the water maintains the proper chlorine levels.  A professional service can come out for about $65 to $90 per month, or if you choose to purchase the chemicals yourself, they can start at $20, depending on what’s needed.

Most lap pools will come with a standard liner.  For those who want a liner that has a specialized or customized design, additional fees can apply.

Tips to know

If you’re looking at the dimensions mentioned above and you’re thinking a lap pool won’t fit, that’s okay since other options are available.  Swim spas, for example, are basically a larger hot tub but will have water jets to create a continuous current.  This current allows you to swim in place, allowing you to perform water resistance exercises.  A swim spa will take up less space and will be significantly cheaper than an inground or lap pool.  Even if you have a pool already installed, water jets can be installed to allow you to swim in place, similar to that of a swim spa.  Again, this option would be much cheaper than installing a lap pool.

How can I save money?

It’s best to get at least three to five quotes before signing the dotted line.  With a lot of contractors, you will find the quotes will vary across the board, and while you don’t want to choose the cheapest option, you will want to choose a contractor who has a great reputation with their customers, is licensed, insured and is able to work with your situation.  To find quotes and/or contractors in your area, can help you get multiple quotes delivered to your inbox for free.

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