How Much Do Lockers Cost?

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A locker is a small storage compartment, often in large numbers, found in public spaces such as schools and workplaces.  These lockers can vary in size, purpose and security.

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How much do lockers cost?

The cost of lockers will depend on the materials it was made from, the type, the size of the locker, the features, the amount needed and the company creating them.  On average, lockers can range in price anywhere from $100 to as much as $1,000.  Generally, lockers will not come with just one.  Instead, they will come in groups.  Some tiers can include two while another can include more than 12.

Standard lockers, which are usually cheaper, can cost anywhere between $500 and $800.  As mentioned above, standard lockers usually come in sets of six or twelve., an online retailer that sells various types of lockers, sells kid’s lockers as well as premium lockers with six tiers.  For example, a blue kid locker made from steel retails for $100 to $500.  A 6-tier premium locker can cost $300 to $500.

With so many types of lockers on the market, we researched some of the most popular types, along with the price you should expect to pay.

Type of LockerDescriptionAverage Price
AntimicrobialCommonly used in hospitals or doctors' offices to minimize the spread of diseases.$230 (1 column wide) to $750 (3 column wide)
AthleticDesigned for a locker room exposed to moisture.$450 (1 column wide) to $800 (3 column wide)
Cell PhoneLike a laptop, these lockers are tiny enough to fit a cell phone and charger. These lockers can have 8 to 12 openings on average.$600 to $1,500 (8-12 openings)
Coin OperatedCommonly found at schools, bowling alleys or areas where customers need to store belongings.$550 to $1,000 (five tier)
Corrosion ResistantMade from a galvanized steel, making it extremely durable.$250 (1 column wide) to $600 (3 column wide)
EmployeeThe lockers often found in a break room, ranging from five to six lockers high and three columns wide.$200 (1 column wide, 6 high) to $600 (3 column wide, 6 high)
FootballAs the name claims, these lockers are designed for a football locker room.$400 to $600 each
GarageEasy way to organize items inside a garage.$700 (single)
GymFound in gyms across America, these lockers will have vents, secure storage options and will be made from a durable material.$230 (1 column wide) to $800 (3 column wide)
KidsFound at a daycare facility or school.$250 (5'H X 1' W) to $1,000 (6'H X 3' W)
LaptopSchools, government agencies and corporations use laptop lockers to secure any laptop device.$1,000 to $1,500 for a 5-12 opening locker.
MetalThe most prolific locker on the market today. A great value and bit more durable than plastic.$125 to $400 (single)
PlasticUsed in moist environments such as a pool or food processing factory.$400 to $800 (single)
SchoolYes, the lockers you envision from school, but can also be used for small businesses and corporations.$125 (1 column wide) to $500 (3 column wide)
See ThroughJust as the name implies, these lockers are similar in size of that to a school locker, but you can see right through them. Commonly used in jails, schools and factories.$250(1 column wide) to $850 (3 column wide)
Stainless SteelLockers used in areas that may be prone to rust or required for sanitary purposes.$650 (1 column wide) to $2,000 (3 column wide)
WoodWood lockers are often found in schools but are often chosen by those who want a "country club-"like look.$350 (1 column wide) to $1,300 (3 column wide)

Factors affecting the price

The materials

While most lockers will be made from a steel, it can also be constructed from a material such as plastic.


As stated, groups will often be sold in “units.”  Standard lockers will be sold in sets of six or 12, but the more units you purchase at once, the more you can save per locker.

How it’s constructed

Construction could be the most important part affecting the costs.  A fully welded locker, made up of unitized pieces could cost more than a one-piece locker created from plastic.

Lockers overview

Since lockers are considered storage compartments, the features closely resemble that of a cabinet.  It will have a handle for easy opening and a lock or sets of keys for added security.  Some lockers come with a combination lock that will need to be used by anyone who plans on using it.  Others, such as those found in public places, may have a removable key that is released once money is inserted.  Lockers used in schools usually have a simple hole where a padlock can be used if the student wants to use one.

Lockers can have other features such as vents and stands.  The construction would depend on what they will be used for.

Inside a locker, it will usually contain a few storage racks and a pole to hang clothing with a hanger.  Smaller lockers, however, will usually just have enough room to store a few pieces of clothing and shoes.

Lockers can be made from many different materials, but the most common will be metal.  They can also come in many different sizes depending on the use and where they will be installed.

What are the extra costs?

Additional costs involved when buying lockers from an online store is the shipping and handling or delivery fee. The rate would depend on the weight of the lockers, retailer and how far it has to be shipped.

If the lockers you purchase need padlocks, you may have to purchase these separately, but most of the time, it will be up to those who plan on using it to supply one.

Having the lockers installed by a professional can bring up the costs as well.  Depending on the complexity of the room and the number of lockers, the price of installation can greatly vary.  Since all jobs are unique, consider getting multiple quotes for free from reputable contractors in your area at

Tips to know:

No matter the material, they can be painted any color to match your building.

How can I save money?

If you can, consider purchasing these lockers used.  This is a great way to save up to 50%.  Check out eBay or Craigslist to see if any are available.

Buying in bulk, especially if you were to buy more than 50 or more can bring the costs down by more than 20 percent.

Some retailers, if you need to have the locker assembled before it’s shipped, can charge up to 30 percent more.

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