How Much Do LuLaRoe Leggings Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 29, 2018

LuLaRoe, a company with thousands of independent “consultants” sell a variety of LuLaRoe clothing, including the most popular choice — the company’s leggings.

With a variety of sizes, styles and consultants on the market, the prices can vary, but we explain in detail below.

LuLaRoe leggings Cost
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How much do LuLaRoe leggings cost?

Browsing at Pinterest, since this is a popular platform the company’s consultants often use to promote their products, we found the average costs of the leggings ranged anywhere from $23 for kids and tween sizes to $25 for the one size fit all as well as the tall and curvy sizes.  These prices do change occasionally throughout the years, and in order to get accurate prices, we highly encourage you to talk with a local LuLaRoe representative to see an updated price list.

During the holidays, however, we did find that the company would release holiday-themed leggings, such as Christmas-, Valentine- and Halloween-themed, that could sell for a few dollars more.

Keep in mind that LuLaRoe does set a suggested retail price, and consultants are able to charge as much as they want; however, these prices seem to be the cheapest price the company allows them to set to allow them to be the most competitive in the market.


If you want to bypass the consultant pop-up parties or all together, you can find official LuLaRoe leggings for as little as $5 on eBay.  On Amazon, however, we could not find any LuLaRoe leggings for sale to compare.

How much do the leggings cost the consultant at wholesale?

When you buy from the consultant, they will have to buy their LuLaRoe clothing in packages in order to fill their inventory, which, according to our past research, could cost as much as $9,000, greatly depending on which package they purchase.  Aside from this, consultants will also receive randomized packages with varying styles and sizes to make sure no two consultants have the same inventory to keep the market competitive for the consultants.

Based on the clothing averages, however, the average consultant pays anywhere from $9 to $16 per pair when you average out the inventory received, meaning each sale could potentially net him or her about $10 or more, but again, use this as an average since each consultant, depending on their rank within the company, could make more or less.  The company does set a retail price for each item and consultants are not allowed to sell below a certain price point.

Where can I buy LuLaRoe leggings?

Visit a pop-up shop via a consultant

If you want to visit a “pop-up” shop in person, you will have to do so via an official consultant with the company, which, you can search for one by using the company’s official search tool.  With this tool, you will insert your zip code, search for a consultant nearby and then email them and/or visit their social media profile for more information.

Facebook Live and other social media platforms

Aside from using the company’s official search tool, most consultants have a specific Facebook business page dedicated to their LuLaRoe business, where you can connect with them and wait for a “live” sale to be held.  To find one, consider searching via Facebook or again, using the method mentioned prior as some consultants do list their official Facebook page if you want to support someone locally to you.

Festivals and events

Most of your larger events, such as fairs, food truck festivals and so forth, often have a local consultant who sets up a “pop up party” to display their clothing and sell to the public.  If you plan on going to an event, most websites dedicated to the event often display a list of vendors who will be in attendance.

Third-party websites (eBay,etc)

If you want it as simple as point, click and buy, then eBay may be your best choice to simply buy and bypass the purchasing in person as well as listen to the pitch on how to become a consultant.  Remember, like all MLM schemes, these consultants can make a lot of money by referring outside parties.

Highly sought after LuLaRoe themed leggings

Searching forums online as well as talking with various LuLaRoe consultants, they claimed the following themes were either very hard to come by or would sell extremely fast once it hit their inventory:

Tips to know

LuLaRoe leggings, made of polyester and spandex and said to be “buttery soft,” come in two sizes for an adult:  One Size (OS), which basically means one size fits all, but as per the company, is recommended for women up to size 10/12, and the Tall and Curvy (TC) size, which can fit women up to 22/24.

The company only produces 2,500 pairs of one print, often creating a demand for specific styles and is one of the reasons why you may see a rare piece selling for much more online via eBay, etc.

If you’re unsure of which size you need to purchase, you can refer to the company’s official size chart here.

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