How Much Do Mature Trees Cost?

Mature trees are defined by their ability to reproduce and bear seeds.  They are also known as fast growing trees since they are sold when they are already at the stage where they can provide seeds.  There are many benefits when getting mature trees as they require less attention since they are already at a matured stage.  They also provide enhancements in home gardens and properties where they are planted.  The price of these trees depends mainly on the type of tree, your location and the size of the tree.

How much is it?

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How can I save money?


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  1. linda m. (steilacoom,  Washington) paid $ and said:

    we have 3 standing cedar trees for sale. one is an old growth 10 feet around at the bottom and is a very straight 75 ft tall beautifull tree. one is 4 feet around and 40 feet tall and one tree is 3 feet around at the base and 40 feet tall. looking for a buyer

    Was it worth it? Yes

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