How Much Do Tires Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

One of the regular maintenance necessities, when you own a car, is replacing the tires.  If you have one tire that is flat or damaged, you may just need one tire.  However, it is suggested by most tire shops that you replace two tires, either the front two or back two, to help the car stay aligned properly.  In an all-wheel drive vehicle, replacing all four tires may be your best option.

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How much do tires cost?

The cost of tires depends on the size, the car, brand and the quality.  All season tires made for sedans and smaller SUVs will cost between $50 to $125 per tire.  Examples would be the Barum Bravaris 2 sold for $62 or the Michelin Destiny sold for $116.  Both of these tires can be found at Discount Tire.

All-season tires made for SUVs and vans are larger, and therefore, more expensive.  These tires will usually run $100 to $200 per tire.  On the lower end of that range, you will find tires made by Geostar for $112 per tire, and on the higher end, you will find Goodyear brand for about $199 per tire.  These tires and prices are confirmed by Belle Tire.

Higher quality and performance tires will be more expensive, usually between $100 and $350 per tire depending on the size and brand.  For example, a tire that is made for the base model of a Jaguar by Bridgestone will cost about $200 per tire.  This price was provided by the Costco Tire Center.

According to Angie’s List members, they reported paying an average of $637 to replace all four tires.

To get an exact tire cost, will show you how much a tire would cost for your make and model.

Tires overview

New tires can be purchased at a local car dealership, auto repair centers and major tire centers such as Discount Tire.

The average tire size will be between 16 to 18 inches, but a truck may have tires up to 20 inches.

The first thing the tire shop will do is take the old tire(s) off your car and dispose of it properly.

Once the new tires are on, most shops will do an alignment.

Some shops will also include a tire rotation if you are not replacing all four tires.

What are the extra costs?

If you are purchasing a new tire as a result of getting a flat, it is possible that there may also be damage done to the wheel.  A new wheel will cost anywhere from $10 to $150 depending on how many you purchase, what size, and what model.  Some tire shops even have free wheelsets with the purchase of new tires.

Additional services may be required such as an alignment.

Some shops may charge an environmental tire disposal fee, which can be about $10 to $15 per tire.

Tips to know:

Don’t be cheap with your tires.  Before you purchase your tires, be sure to read the safety rating.  Also, make sure to research into how well they handle, braking and resistance.

All tires come with a traction rating:  AA, A, B or C.  AA will be the best rating possible, followed by A and so forth.

Find out the warranty information in terms of the brand.  Know what kind of damage is covered as well as how many miles they will cover.  A good tire will come with a 50,000-mile warranty.

Be sure to choose the right tire for your vehicle.  You’ll want to know the type of tire your car requires.  Don’t buy more tire than what you’re going to need.

Many tire shops work on a commission basis.  Once your car is up on the rack, they may offer alignment and balancing packages.  Try to stay away from these packages if you don’t need them.  Most of the times, they are doing this to pad their pockets.  The same can be said with them offering you an oil change, too.  You should know if you need one of these or not.

Don’t assume the OEM tires are the best choice.  Factories will often install tires that will be suitable for all driving conditions and can oftentimes be the most expensive option.

How can I save money?

Most tire shops offer discounted rates when purchasing more than one tire.

Used tires are available for discounted rates at services such as  While purchasing used can be a good idea, it’s wise to consider a new set of tires first.  The thing with used tires is that most won’t know the history of the tires.

Always shop around.  Even though one shop may say they have the best price, it’s wise to talk with at least three shops.  You can always get a quote via the phone or even the website of the specific tire shop.  Check independents, online retailers as well as the big name brands.  Even check wholesale clubs such as Costco.  If you live in a metro area, take advantage of this as you should be able to negotiate for better deals.

All the tires may not need replacing.  Consider replacing only one or two tires.

Consider a mail order company that specializes in shipping out tires to your doorstep.  While you will have to find a mechanic to install these tires for you, it can still save you up to 20%.  Installing a tire shouldn’t cost more than $25.

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