How Much Do Orchids Cost?

Ranging in different types, orchids have diverse colors and are perfect for corsages, decorations and even for an elegant display at a wedding.

Orchid by Brett Levin Photography, on Flickr
Orchid” (CC BY 2.0) by  Brett Levin Photography

How much do orchids cost?

TypeAverage Price (per stem)
Blue Tinted Dendrobium$3
Brown Dendrobium$3
Chocolate Cymbidium$30
Dark Lavender Cymbidium$22
Green Cymbidium$22
Green Tinted Dendrobium$3
Hot Pink Cymbidium$22
Hot Pink Dendrobium$3
Lavender Dendrobium$3
Light Pink Cymbidium$22
Light Pink Dendrobium$3
Orange Cymbidium$22
Peppermint Red Cymbidium$22
Red & Orange Cymbidium$23
White & Pink Cymbidium$22
White Catalaya$16
White Cymbidium$22
White Dendrobium$3
Yellow & Red Dendrobium$3
Yellow Cymbidium$22
Yellow Dendrobium$3

NOTE:  Most florists will make you purchase 30 to 50 stems at a time, and generally, the more you purchase, the lower the price can be.

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