How Much Do Peonies Cost?

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Peonies belong to the flowering plant family known as “Paeoniaceae,” this type of plant usually grows in parts of the world such as Asia, Europe and North America.

The price of peonies depends on the type, the number of peonies to be purchased, the time of year, and where these flowers are purchased.  Since they are found in a wide variety of colors and be purchased year round, they can be in demand all season.

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How much do peonies cost?

On average, peonies can cost anywhere from $2 for a packet of seeds to as much as $3 to $10 per stem, greatly depending on the time of year.  For instance, the peak season will be from April to June, and during this time, the stems will be at its lowest cost, usually around $3 to $6 per stem.  During the offseason, which will be from June to April, the costs can double, ranging anywhere from $10 to $15 per stem.  The very limited season, according to Ever After Guide, can be during October and February, a time when you pay at least $15 per stem.

The colors you choose can also affect the price.  Oftentimes, the whites will cost more than a pink, but there may not be much of a difference if you were to purchase wholesale.

A packet of 500 poppy flower seeds, for example, retails for $4 to $7.  A Japanese Tree Peony that is in full bloom, on the other hand, can retail for $27 to $39 from local nurseries.

A forum member on said she had paid $144 for a bouquet of five peonies, 12 cabbage roses and 10 ranunclus.  On that same forum thread, another member was quoted $200 to $250 for 18 to 20 stems.

If peonies will be part of a wedding bouquet, florists often include peonies, roses and ranunclus in the same bouquet.  The average price, depending on the florist you go with, will charge anywhere from $130 to $285 based on the research we had done online.

TypeMonthsAverage Price (per stem)
WhiteNovember to May$12 to $17
PinkNovember to May$10 to $13
CoralNovember to May$13 to $17
RedNovember to May$13 to $17
WhiteApril to June$8 to $12
PinkApril to June$6 to $9

Peonies overview

Native to Asia and North America, these flowers can grow as tall as five to 10 feet.  These plants will have large, fragrant flowers that come in colors that include pink, white and yellow, but you can go with just about any color scheme imaginable.

These flowers tend to bloom in the late spring and there are more than 200 different varieties on the market.   The most popular ones you will see on the market will include the Shirley Temple, Sarah Bernhardt and Duchess to Nemours.

When in season, you should be able to find them at local farmer’s markets and even at specialty grocers such as Trader Joe’s.

What are the extra costs?

If you do not meet the minimum purchase requirements for peonies sold on a specific website, you may have to pay for the shipping and handling fee.

Future brides can have bouquets created that are customized.  These bouquets can include various kinds of peonies that range in colors and types.  The average customized bouquet filled with Peonies can start at $75.

Tips to know:

These types of flowers actually like a little chill in the air.  These flowers tend to do quite well in areas such as Vermont and many other deep Southern states.  Try your best to measure the rainfall every week.  If the rainfall is less than one inch within the week, it’s going to be probably best to water them to ensure that they are getting enough moisture in the soil.

While experts recommend that you plant them in the direct sun, it doesn’t hurt to have them protected by the afternoon sun with a little shade.

You will be able to find peonies all year, but the best time to purchase them, as mentioned above, will be from April to June.  If you purchase during the colder months, you may have to special order them since your local florist may not have them freshly in stock.

If you purchase during a season when these flowers aren’t in bloom and the florist has to purchase them via special order, then you may have to comitt to a minimum amount of stems before they process the order.

How can I save money?

To save money, look for the store that can offer the best wholesale price for peonies if you are planning to buy them in bulk, which is usually more than 20.  There are stores that offer the plant at a discounted price.

Put the bouquet together yourself to save the exorbitant florist fees.

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