How Much Do Pine Trees Cost?

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous resinous trees that can grow more than 260 feet tall and the most commonly seen trees in the northern hemisphere.  These trees are known to be long-lived, often living longer than 1,000 years and more than 200 varieties exist today.

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How much much does a pine tree cost?

Type of Pine TreeAverage Price
Austrian- $40 for 1-gallon pot
Dwarf Eastern- $80 for three foot tree
Dwarf Serbian- $40 for two foot tree
Eastern White- $40 for 1-gallon pot
Green Twist White- $90 for three foot tree
Loblolly- $40 to $75 for 3-gallon pot
Longleaf- $45 for 3-gallon pot
Mugo- $80 for 5-gallon pot
Scots- $25 for 1-gallon pot
White Weeping- $50 for 2-gallon pot

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