How Much Do Scrubs Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Scrubs are commonly found in a healthcare field setting as most employers require you to purchase them.

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How much do scrubs cost?

Scrub tops come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns and will typically cost $6 to $45 per top.   The costs, in the end, will depend on the brand, the quality and the retailer you purchase from.  A cheaper set may be found at Walmart, while a higher quality top will be found at a local and/or online uniform supply store, for example.

Pants, just like the tops, are sold in many colors to match the top.  Scrub pants will cost about $10 to $30 per piece and can be made using a drawstring or an elastic waist.  Pants may or may not have pockets.  For a complete set, it’s best to budget $10 to $40 per outfit.  We gathered information from the top uniform retailers and included their scrub cost average in the table below.

At Walmart, for example, their scrub tops can cost $5 to $15, while the pants can cost $10 to $18.

Many of the answers on Quora said they would pay anywhere from $20 to $30 per piece, but if the set was comfortable, they wouldn’t have a problem spending more.

StoreAverage Price Range
allheart- $6 to $25 (solid color top)
- $8 to $30 (solid colored pants)
Scrub World- $13 to $25 (solid color tops)
- $16 to $27 (solid color pants)
Scrubs and Beyond- $15 to $32 (solid color top)
- $15 to $37 (solid color pants)
Target Scrubs- $18 to $41 (varying colored tops)
- $27 to $36 (solid color pant)
Uniform Advantage- $12 to $16 (solid top)
- $12 to $22 (solid pants)
Uniform Outlet- $14 to $25 (solid color top)
- $15 to $31 (solid color pant)
Walmart Scrubs- $5 to $15 (solid color top)
- $10 to $18 (solid color pants)

Scrubs overview

Some tops are designed with no pockets or multiple pockets, and they can be either a v-neck or round neck.  Tops can also come in solid colors or fashionable designs, or it can be made for specific holidays or special events.

Scrubs can be found at most of your department stores and retailers that commonly sell clothing.   They can also be found online via specialty stores that specialize in scrubs and medical supply stores as well.

The most common top colors include white, black, gray, red and multi-colored.

What are the extra costs?

Aside from scrubs, some companies may require specific shoes.  These shoes will usually have to be closed all the way around with no open toes or heels.  Also, medical shoes need to be made of a non-absorbent material with no open areas.

Plus size scrubs can often cost 20 to 30 percent more.

Custom scrubs, which can be personalized to your specifications, can cost about $30 to $45 each.  When customizing, most retailers will have a minimum, which is usually about five to six orders.

Tips to know:

If you’re new to the company, know what they are going to allow in the workplace.  Some companies are strict with their colors and designs.

It’s best to consider scrubs that have pockets.  Believe it or not but there are scrubs that don’t contain any types of pockets, making it hard to carry around smaller items such as a pen.

Be sure to watch for the quality.  Since you’re going to be wearing these daily, it’s best to invest a few extra dollars to ensure that you’re getting the best.  Cheaper scrubs tend to have a thinner fabric material, no pockets and unflattering cuts. says you can write your scrubs off on your taxes as long as it’s used for work purposes.

How can I save money?

Used scrubs can be purchased from most uniform stores, but before doing so, make sure they are in good condition before buying.

Solid tops are normally cheaper than printed tops.

Some online stores offer group discounts.  If you can get some of your co-workers to place an order with you, a discount may be available.

It’s also wise to check for coupons and promotional codes, especially if purchased online.  Many online retailers offer discounts to both new customers as well as return customers.

Some nurses have had luck at local thrift shops such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army.

Check with your employment to see if they offer any sort of reimbursement.

Whether visiting in person or online, check the clearance section for last year’/season stock.

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