How Much Do Beef Short Ribs Cost?

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Beef short ribs are a very popular cut of beef because it tends to be bigger and more tender than its pork counterpart.  While they used to be considered a cheap part of the meat, people have found these cuts, if cooked properly, can create a delicious taste.  Unlike the typical ribs we’re used to, short beef ribs are full of tough and chewy tissue.

Short ribs are popular in French cooking as well as in Korea, where the most popular cut is butterflying them.

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How much do beef short ribs cost?

The cost of short ribs will depend on where you’re purchasing it from, the type of beef and where you live.  On average, plan on spending anywhere from $4 to as much as $7 per pound at your local grocery store.  This price could be more if you were to use a local butcher who uses a higher cut of meat, often reaching prices as high as $10 per pound.

On this thread, a few members chimed in and said they were quoted $11 per pound, but most agreed the prices should be within the $5 to $7 per pound range at your local grocery store or wholesale club such as Costco.

For example, Costco sells short ribs by the pound.  This warehouse chain provides the product in 70-pound cases and are considered USDA choice, with prices in the $4 to $6 per pound range.  Sam’s Club offers cases that can range anywhere from 50 to 85 pounds, with prices averaging close to $4 to $6 per pound, depending on your location. had a few people talking about what they had paid for short ribs in their area.  One member was able to score a $2.99 per pound deal at a local butcher since no one wanted the cuts, while another paid close to $7 per pound at their local Food Lion grocery store.

Beef short ribs overview

At your local grocery store chains, most short ribs will be marketed as beef chuck ribs, but plate, choice or prime short ribs can be found at some specialty stores such as an oriental market or butcher.  Most local butchers and stores will have a smaller one to 10-pound packs, whereas your wholesale clubs will sell it by the case, often in 50 to 100-pound packages.

Beef short ribs are high in phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B6, B12 and niacin, and three ounces will have close to 70 calories, three grams of fat, 30 milligrams of cholesterol, 180 milligrams of sodium and nine grams of protein.

Tips to know:

The plate of the cow, the section also known as the chest area, will be the area where the short ribs come from, along with other popular cuts such as brisket.  This area will be near the bottom and will be much shorter in length when compared to traditional ribs, usually two to four inches long.  Compared to the longer back ribs in the surrounding area, there will be more meat intact.

Once unthawed, it can be stored in a refrigerator for up to five days.

Short ribs can be sold boneless, but those who have cooked it claimed it will have less connective tissue and can often lack some flavor.

When purchasing in person, pay close attention to the bones to inspect the layer of meat with as little fat as possible.  Some butchers may often slip a few lean bones inside the package to inflate the weight.

As for serving size, prepare at least three to four meaty ribs per person.  If you have a scale, six ounces should suffice.

How can I save money?

Grocery stores, as you already know, often hold sales in its meat department.  Pay close attention to their ads, and if you’re able to score a deal, consider freezing some for the future.

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Average Reported Cost: $4.4

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How much did you spend?

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  1. Jeffery Turner (Liberal,  Georgia) paid $4 and said:

    $4 per pound

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. stater bros. (murrieta,  California) paid $4.79 and said:

    saw at Costco for $4.79/lbs prime

    Was it worth it? Yes

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