How Much Do Socks Cost?

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Socks are one of the basic necessities of anyone’s wardrobe, and the purpose of a sock, as we all know, is to provide cushion and warmth for a person’s foot when wearing shoes.

Socks can come in all sorts of varieties, styles, colors, and cuts.

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How much do socks cost?

On average, a pack of socks can retail anywhere from $8 to as much as $26.  Typical packs are going to come with as many as 12 pairs.

Socks designed for flat shoes can range anywhere from $4 to $9 for a pack of three.

Men’s dress socks can cost anywhere from $10 to as much as $30 for a few pairs.

Socks designed for sporting activities can cost closer to $20 to $30 per six-pack.  For example, Nike Performance socks can cost upwards of $25 per six-pack.

For instance, among the higher end socks, such as those at Ralph Lauren, the prices can range anywhere from $14 to as high as $26 or more.

A basic pack of Hanes crew socks on, the highest rated pack of socks, retails for about $13 per 12 pack.

For most retailers, the cheapest pair we found was at Walmart, with the price ranging about $10 for three pairs.

Baby socks, just like adult sizes, will often come in a 10 pack.  Depending on the material and brand, a simple pack can cost $6 to $10 or about $1 per pair.

Refer to our table below to see what popular brands can cost at your local retailer:

BrandAverage Price
Adidas$18 per 3 pack
AND1$8 per 6 pack
Converse$10 per 3 pack
DC Shoes$12 per 3 pack
Hanes$18 per 12 pack
J Crew$8 each
New Balance$12 per 2 pack
Sperry Men's$16 per 3 pack
Wigwam$8 each

Socks overview

Most pairs of socks are going to come in a pack of ten; however, dress socks can often come in smaller packs, usually around two or three.  You can also buy an individual pair of socks in some cases.

Socks can come in many varying lengths.  This can include ankle cuts, crew socks, which come up past the ankle and knee-highs socks, which come close to the knee cap.

Most socks come in either white or black.  However, dress socks of novelty socks can have different patterns and colors.

Sock sizes will be based on the shoe size that you wear.

Casual socks are going to be made from cotton, while dress socks are made from a polyester.

Popular brands that design socks include Nike, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Adidas.

What are the extra costs?

Some socks, specifically made for particular diseases or an ailment, can cost more.

Shipping fees may apply online if the retailer’s minimum hasn’t been met.

Sadly, socks are bound to get holes or stains over time.  It’s best to budget getting a new pair at least every six months.

Types of socks

Normal wear

The average sock usually comes in white and can be cut in different ways.  As noted, these cuts can include under the ankle bone, above the ankle bone, mid-calf, and knee high.  Most of these socks will have reinforced toes and heels since this is usually where holes can appear.


Some socks are made specifically for wear while playing sports.  These socks are usually much thicker than normal socks and can also be much tighter.  Many new socks are also termed compression socks, which means that they are even thicker and tighter around the arch of the foot to provide more support.  


There are socks known as slipper socks that are made specifically for warmth.  These socks are usually fuzzy and warm and can be cut to the ankle or the mid-calf.  They are usually much more decorative in design and are made to be more fun.


These socks are made specifically to be worn with dress shoes.  They can be made for men or women, but are more common for men.  Dress socks are usually black, gray, blue, or brown so that they match a man’s dress pant and shoes.  Dress socks are usually slightly thinner than normal socks so they are able to easily slide into dress shoes.  


Some socks are made with fun designs and colors.  This can include designs for certain sports teams or popular characters.

Tips to know:

It is best to look into the type of activity for which the socks will be used.  If you play a particular sport, then you might have to consider using specifically crafted socks for it.

Consider the higher quality socks as these are made with the best materials and will ensure comfort for the feet.  Plus, they can last a lot longer.

How can I save money?

If you just want plain socks, consider lower-priced brands such as Hanes of Fruit of the Loom.

There are some socks sold at the dollar store, but these are not the best in terms of quality and won’t last long.

This thread says to look at Target, eBay and TJ Maxx if you want to purchase a decent pair of dress socks.  These retailers often have a pair for as little as $2.

With socks, the more you purchase in a pack at once, the more you’re going to be able to save.

Socks always go on sale at your local big-box retailers, such as Walmart, Target and Kohls.  Be sure to look out for special sales/deals before heading out or even buying online.

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