How Much Does a B12 Shot Cost?

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The B12 vitamin makes sure the brain and nervous system is functioning properly, and if someone were to lack B12, it can lead to anemia, causing you to feel tired or weak.  A B12 shot has been to known to increase energy, stamina, improve sleep quality and reduce allergy attacks.

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How much does a vitamin B12 shot cost?

The cost of a B12 shot will depend on the shot brand, where you’re getting it and the number of shots required.  On average, each shot can cost $10 to $20 if purchased online for injections done at home or $20 to $75 if performed at a local doctor’s office.  Most people will receive this shot every 30 to 90 days.  The test, according to our research, won’t be covered by medical insurance 99 percent of the time.

The CVS Minute Clinic, for instance, offers this shot at its locations for $29, according to their official pricing list.

The NCBI did a study comparing the costs of B12 injections versus oral supplements.  In their findings, they had found the annual cost of B12 injections were $145.88 per person, but if a clinic were to switch to an oral alternative, they could save up to 16.3 percent.

Vitamin B12 shot overview

This injection can commonly be done at a local medical spa, your doctor’s office, a local pharmacy clinic or the injectables can be purchased online without a prescription.

Those who receive the B12 shot have often seen an increase in their energy levels and stamina. says the vitamin is the only vitamin not reliably absorbed by the stomach or the intestinal tract, so an injection form of this vitamin has been developed.  Aside from increased energy levels and stamina, patients have also noticed improved sleeping patterns, reduced allergies, an improvement in their moods and even fewer headaches.  There has even been some solid research for the treatment of myalgia encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia.

LA Magazine says the average injection will contain 1,000 micrograms of B12, 400 times more than the average person requires.  Proponents say it can turbocharge your metabolism, cure fatigue and even depression.  Opponents say there’s no medical evidence against it, saying injections promote health for those who are suffering from a B12 deficiency.

Because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, it will be excreted by the kidney within two to three days.

What are the extra costs?

The price range noted above will only be for the shot administered.  If you were to receive the shot at a local doctor’s office, then an office visit fee may apply.

A routine blood test may be needed to measure your B12 levels to see if the shots were effective.

Tips to know:

Some swelling and/or redness can show at the injection site for up to 48 hours.  Your results may vary.

Unless you have a B12 deficiency, according to Time Magazine, the B12 shot won’t be necessary.  To put it simply, more isn’t always better.

Even if you’re low on B12, there has been no evidence linking this injection to weight loss.  While it does have its supplementary benefits, the Mayo Clinic even claims it’s not a solution designed for losing weight.

The vitamin B12 injections site include the upper arm, thigh, outer hip or buttocks.

The shot vs. the pill, what’s the difference?  According to Harvard Health, a pill will be just as effective as taking a monthly muscle injection, and the choice will depend on the reason for the deficiency.  For some, an injection will be necessary, especially those with pernicious anemia or problems related to the ileum.

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How can I save money?

If shots are too expensive for you or even scary to consider, contemplate purchasing and taking Vitamin B 12 supplements rather than the shot.

You do not need the help of a doctor to administer the shots since it can be done at home.

If you plan on getting these shots frequently, as recommended, many walk-in clinics can offer a bulk discount if you were to purchase five to 10 shots at a time.  Ask the clinic you frequent to see if they offer any such discounts.

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Average Reported Cost: $58.33

100 %
0 %
Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. Monique Thames Gregory (Burr Ridge, IL,  Illinois) paid $100 and said:

    I paid &100 for a B12 shot.

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Jae (No name,  Wisconsin) paid $50 and said:

    Please don’t get these shots unless you are B12 deficient b/c turning this into “a fad” has jacked up the price over 100% around the year 2014! So, you are HURTING real patients, who need it to live, when you create such a demand. I made the diagnosis based off symptoms in 1999 and Dr confirmed with a blood test. They STILL don’t know why I’m deficient and I still suffer from nerve death but Medicare DOES NOT care to find a diagnosis. They will not pay for needed testing.

    Also, they are not “vaccinations” as indicated in the article. They used to cost me around $5 per month including syringe and needle, now they are up to $50/mo to get my levels back up to acceptable numbers. The levels keep falling b/c of the burden put upon me to go in every month for a shot that only takes 30sec (for everything,) but they have turned it into a 15 min office visit and charge $150 for something I did at home for 15years for $5/mo.

    By raising the price so much, they’ve forced people who were doing the shots at home to go into have a nurse do it b/c it will be covered by insurance. Medicare doesn’t pay for “vitamins” even if the Dr tells Medicare you need it to live, though their website says otherwise. It’s a LIE b/c the gov wants to drain these funds in any way that they can, in order to say they are “failing.” Much in the same way Trump is sabotaging the ACA, which needs to go anyway b/c we need to get rid of greedy middlemen. The US are FOOLS to be paying middlemen for NOTHING!

    When I go into the clinic for a $20 shot (used be be less than $5), that clinic charges $150 to Medicare! Hence, they are draining the fund unnecessarily. This must be resolved asap b/c we KNOW how badly Congress and banksters want to take the SSA and Medicare funds for their own banking (gambling) pleasure, when that money came from our payroll checks!


    Was it worth it? Yes

  3. Pat (Loma Linda ,  California) paid $25 and said:

    B12 shots administered weekly at Clark’s. Walk-in; no appointment. $25.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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