How Much Does a Grain Bin Cost?

A grain bin is a large structure that is used on the farm to store and move grain.  Many people confuse a grain bin with a silo.  A silo is a large structure, usually much taller and skinnier than a grain bin.  The silo, unlike the grain bin, is simply used for storing materials.  Grain can be one of these materials, but a silo can also be used to store coal, cement, wood chips, and sawdust among others.  A grain bin, on the other hand, is used to store and move grain using an elevator system.  This system is comprised of a large bucket that can mechanically scoop up the grain.  The elevator system can also be used to weigh the grain.

Grain Bins by UnitedSoybeanBoard, on Flickr
Grain Bins” (CC BY 2.0) by  UnitedSoybeanBoard

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