How Much Does a Headstone Cost?

A headstone, also known as a tombstone or gravestone, is a marker used in a cemetery on top of a burial site.  A headstone goes as far back as the 18th century, recognized as one of the oldest forms of cemetery art.  A headstone consists of a name, date of birth, the date of death, and can include other information such as a quote or summary of the person’s life.  There are also headstones that can provide more than one name.  The cost of a headstone is going to all depend on the size of the stone, the design, the material that is going to be used to make it, the number of characters engraved and company creating it.

headstone North Cemetery by Muffet, on Flickr
headstone North Cemetery” (CC BY 2.0) by  Muffet

How much is it?

What are the extra costs?

What is going to be included?

How can I save money?


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  1. ntando (bulawayo,  zimbabwe) paid $0 and said:

    I want to confirm how much it can cost me to buy that tombstone just like a pillar to put in front with written name, B.O.B and B.O.D only. I want the prices from the cheapest one. I want to buy it from Bulawayo or Lupane in Matebeland North.

    Thank you

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