How Much Does a Notary Cost?

A notary is a professional that is authorized by the public to perform certain legal procedures such as witnessing a signature or even certifying documents.  The cost of a notary will really depend upon the company, the amount of work that may have to be done and local state laws.

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Steps of notarizing a document:

  1. Identifying the person appearing before the notary by reference to significant proofs of evidence including passport, driving licence, birth certificate, diplomatic documents etc.  The notary may have to exercise considerable ingenuity in some cases, such as in the case of holocaust victims who lack formal documentation or illegal immigrants
  2. Where land titles are involved or significant rights may accrue by reference to the identity, signatures may also need to be verified, recorded and compared
  3. Recording the proof of identity in the notarial register or protocol
  4. Satisfying the notary that the person appearing is of full age and capacity to do whatever is intended
  5. Taking an affidavit or declaration and recording that fact
  6. Taking detailed instructions for a protest of a bill of exchange or a ship’s protest and preparing it
  7. Recording the signature of the person in the register or protocol
  8. Taking an acknowledgment (in the United States) of execution of a document and preparing a certificate of acknowledgement
  9. Preparing a notarial certificate (in most other jurisdictions) as to the execution or other step
  10. Sealing or stamping and signing the document
  11. Recording all steps in the register or protocol
  12. Delivering the completed original to the person appearing
  13. In some cases, retaining a copy of the document in the register or protocol
  14. Charging the person appearing a fee for the service

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