How Much Does a Panda Dog Cost?

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A panda dog is any breed of toy dog whose hair has been dyed so that the color of its fur resembles that of a panda bear.  This type of dog has taken Japan by storm and its origins can’t be more fascinating.

The panda dog started in 2005 when an abandoned dog by the name of Colombo was adopted by Kensuke Hirakawa, a former beautician and pet store owner, who decided to beautify Colombo.  He used puppy safe hair dye to make the dog look like a panda bear.  This trend caught on quickly and has spread all over since then.  The price of a panda dog depends on the breed of dog that you have dyed, the breeder and age.

With all of this said, there is no such thing  as a “panda dog.”

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Ffin sniffing and pawing cement after ra” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by kafka4prez

How much does a Panda dog cost?

Since the panda dog design can be applied to almost all toy or any dogs with longer “poofy” fur, the price for panda dogs usually is based on the breed.  One of the most popular breed that you can purchase is the Maltese, which can cost anywhere from $500 to $900.

Another type of dog that can be turned into a panda dog is the poodle, which can cost an average of $500 to $1,300.

Because of its uncanny resemblance to the panda bear, the chow chow and Tibetan mastiff, which is commonly used to turn into a panda dog in China, is one of the most famous dogs turned into a panda dog.  Chow chows can be purchased for $650 to $975, depending on the purity of the breed, breeder and geographical location.  A Tibetan mastiff, depending on the quality, could cost upwards of $2,500 per puppy.

According to the website, the cost can range anywhere from $600 to as much as $1,300.  As stated above, the Panda dog really isn’t a real dog, but rather it’s more of a novelty where pet owners will dye their dog’s coat.

Panda dog overview

Depending on the seller, they may sell the dogs with the look already.  If the design of the “panda” isn’t included, a specialized breeder/person can dye the dog for an additional fee.

The process will involve washing your dog 24 hours before the dye is applied.  Once the dog is washed, the dog’s coat will be laced with Vaseline in areas that shouldn’t be dyed.  Once done, the dye will be applied in shapes, usually a larger oval, on the areas you want to have colored.  The dye will be left to dried, and most dogs will have to wear a cone to prevent them from licking the dyed areas.  As the dye dried, the coat will be washed and process will be complete.

Purchasing this type of dog, regardless of the breed, from a breeder should come with all the necessary medical paperwork, registration, a health guarantee and up to date vaccinations.  If the dog is registered with any organization, this would be included as well.

What are the extra costs?

When you buy a dog that doesn’t have a panda design on them yet, you can buy a dog safe hair dye to color the dog’s fur and turn it into a panda dog.  The hair dye can be purchased for $20 to $40 per bottle.  If you want a professional to apply the panda look, you will have to bring them to a dog salon.  Here, the services can range from $80 to $350 depending on the size of the dog and the service providing the dye.

Tips to know

As with any dyes, some can contain toxic chemicals and can cause irritation if exposed to your dog’s skin or eyes.  Some dogs may also show an allergic reaction, pain or severe itching.  If your dog has any sensitive or damaged skin, it’s highly advisable you avoid using dye.

To some dogs, the process of having their fur dyed can be troublesome, and in fact, some may growl or become overwhelmed, leading to a lot of stress for the dog.  If your dog doesn’t like baths or any sort of washes, this process won’t be meant for your dog.

How can I save money?

Turning your dog into a panda dog is not always necessary.  Try to appreciate the look of your dog as they have natural charms that will please you even without the additional layer of design painted onto them.

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