How Much Does a Passport Cost?

If you are going to be traveling anywhere outside of the United States, a passport is required.  Passports are government-issued pieces of photo-identification and can only be obtained through government-approved facilities, such as the post office or secretary of state.

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How much does it cost for a passport?

 Application FeeExecution FeeRenewal Fee
Adult (older than 16 years old) Book & Card$140$25$140
Adult (older than 16 years old) Book ONLY$110$25$110
Adult (older than 16 years old) Card ONLY$30$25$30
Minor (16 years or younger) Book & Card$95$25$95
Minor (16 years or younger) Book ONLY$80$25$80
Minor (16 years or younger) Card ONLY$15$25$15
Rush Delivery$60
Adding Pages$82

NOTE:  The passport cost mentioned above can change at any time.  Please refer to for more information and exact prices.

What is going to be included?

Getting your first passport

  1. To receive your first passport, you will want to search for the closest passport agency or post office near you.  Be sure to see when they accept applicants, when they accept applicants and if you need an appointment.
  2. Fill out the DS-11 application form.
  3. Bring evidence of U.S. citizenship and a valid identification.
  4. Your application fee.
  5. Passport photos, which can be taken at some post offices or a local drug store such as CVS.

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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