How Much Does Pork Loin Cost?

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The pork loin, also referred to as the center cut pork roast or loin, comes from the pig’s tissue in the back that runs along the top of the rib cage.  It can either be cut into individual servings, as steaks or as a pork chop.

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How much does pork loin cost?

By the pound, plan on spending $2 to $4 per pound at your local grocery store.  A boneless cut will often be in the $3 per pound range, while a bone-in pork loin can be about $1 cheaper per pound.  The pork loin butt roast portion can be in the $3 per pound range as well.  The costs really depend on where you’re purchasing it and where you live.

Sam’s Club, for example, sells an all natural pork loin for about $1.75 per pound.  Costco is in the same range, which is about $2.50 per pound, according to our research.

Members on A Full Cup discussed this very question and said any price in the $2 to $4 per pound range is a good price to consider.

Joe’s Butcher Shop, located in Carmel, Indiana, lists its prices online.  According to their pricing list, the costs for 100 percent natural reserve pork ranges from $2.99 to $3.49 per pound.

Pork loin overview

The pork loin, unlike the pork tenderloin, will be wide enough to cut steaks.  Don’t confuse the two as a tenderloin will be smaller and thinner than a pork loin.

The cut can either have the bone-in or it can be boneless.  Bone-in loins with the backbones, for example, will be removed and the ribs will be trimmed of its meat.  The typical roast can weigh two to six pounds.

As for its taste, a pork loin cut will be lean, have a milder taste and will have a thicker piece of fat near the top.  If cooked properly, it can be quite tender.

Tips to know:

Chefs say the best way to cook a pork loin is simply by grilling over moderate heat and searing in the oven.

The pork loin cooking time per pound is 25 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to cut pork loin

How can I save money?

Every week, grocery stores always hold sales or promotions on different types of meat.  Consider checking a few circulars in your area to see what kind of deal may be available.  If cheap enough, consider stocking up and freezing any remaining meat.

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