How Much Does a Safari Cost?

Whether you want to go on a Safari in the United States or maybe you want to go to an authentic one in Africa, you’re going to find that the prices will vary depending on what you want to do, where you want to go, the tour guide company, accommodations and inclusions.

Safari 744 by Joe Turco, on Flickr
Safari 744” (CC BY 2.0) by  Joe Turco

How much is it?

Safari Company/CountryCost Range (per person, per day)
Botswana Safari Cost$150 to $600
Kenya Safari Cost$80 to $200
Masai Mara Safari Cost$220 to $700
Micato Safari Cost$750 to $2,000
Serengeti Safari Cost$200 to $1,100
South African Safari Cost$100 to $500+
Tanzania Safari Cost$250 to $650

What is going to be included?

Types of safaris

  1. Overland safaris – This will be the cheapest option and will typically last half the day.  Driving around in a large truck, a tour operator will guide you through a local area with a group of 20 or more.
  2. Budget camping – This will run with smaller groups and will be as bare bones as possible.  This type will include limited transportation and tent lodging.
  3. Exclusive budget – This will be similar to budget camping, but it will also include a mix of lodging options as well.
  4. Budget lodging – Picture this as your lower end hotels on a road trip or destination.  This will be a slight step above tent camping.
  5. Mobile camping – As the name states, your camp will be on wheels.  These camps can be set up in public or private places, and it is usually done in smaller groups.
  6. Lodge-based – You won’t camp on the go, but rather, your lodge will serve as the base.  Each day, you will head out to the fields to view the wild and come back at night to rest and eat.
  7. Luxury – These safaris will set you up in the nicest hotels and lavish game viewing areas.  These tours will often be private and will be mapped out ahead of time like a cruise.
  8. Tailor-made – These higher-end safaris will tailor to your needs.  Being at the top of the pyramid, you will basically get anything you want, while being pampered along the trip.
  9. Fly-in – These safaris will skip the roads altogether, saving you the trouble of the bumpy roads.  You will simply fly from one base to another and there will be very limited driving.

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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